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Ficus Audrey is the Best Houseplant

Let’s face it. Rooms with indoor plants in them just look and feel better. There’s no way around it, and if you are a plant lover like me – you are always on the hunt for plants and accessories that can add life and charm to your home. The Ficus Audrey is literally the perfect houseplant to do just that – make your home better and more inviting.

Ficus Audrey in a living room
Recliner / Couch / Rug / Coffee Table / Tree / Lamp / Wall Sconce / Throw Pillow / Face Planter / Watering Can

Why the Audrey Ficus is the best houseplant

But, let’s also face it. Having beautiful healthy plants takes time and commitment. We have all had that fiddle leaf that just wilted over time from the panacea of ailments plants can get from either; over watering, under watering too much light, etc. They can be divas, can’t they?

So, today I wanted to share my opinion on what I think is the perfect house plant. When I say plant, I actually mean tree. I am also going to throw in a few tips on how to take care of her.

In the end, I have tried em all, and I think we have found the perfect one. It’s that perfect balance of easy to take care of and striking beauty. One more thing.

It’s worth noting that I am super picky, I insist that a statement tree have leaves that look lush and shiny. I love a bark that’s silver and bold. Also, I need our house plants to be comfortable in moderate light. It’s foggy here in SF.

In addition, plants @136home need to be strong enough to withstand heat waves. We get those too. Finally, it can’t be so delicate that it needs to be watered daily, or worse insist on a daily mist. Once a week is just right for me.

Taking all that into account I think the home tree is the Ficus Audrey. I get so many compliments on mine. She is absolutely stunning.

The Ficus Audrey is better than the Fiddle Leaf Fig.

Move over fiddle fig, we have a new belle of the ball. I have had mine for over a year, and she has been incredible. Not only has she grown a ton, she only requires just a weekly watering – and has held even up when I missed a week here and there. 

I do mist her about once a month. She is seriously gorgeous and easy to take care of, I will NEVER buy another fiddle again. This is the only tree for me.

The ficus Audrey care
Recliner / Couch / Rug / Coffee Table / Tree / Lamp / Wall Sconce / Throw Pillow / Face Planter / Watering Can

Here’s a bit more about how to take care of your ficus:

  • Don’t overwater, this is the #1 cause of plant decay, yellow leaves, and leaf loss.
  • Check the top 2 inches of soil before watering. If it’s moist soil, then she is fine. The Audrey does like to be consistently damp but with small periods of dryness from time to time. A lack of water leads to stunted growth (among other complications).
  • Place your Audrey in a bright corner with lots of indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight is bad, but bright light that’s indirect is fine.
  • Avoid placement where a really cold draft can happen, such as near drafty windows.
  • Ideally, this location is around 70°.
  • Place rocks in the bottom of the pot to allow drainage and avoid root rot.
  • Mist the Audrey Audrey once a week or so to promote growth, and prevent leaf damage.
  • I give my leaves a wipe once a month or so. Just avoid dust collection that can suffocate the green leaves.These trees grow fast, one of the many reasons I love them. You can fertilize them during summer and spring to promote faster growth! This is a great idea if you start with a clipping instead of a fully grown tree.
Ficus Audrey planter
Couch / Rug / Coffee Table / Tree / Lamp / Wall Sconce /

Okay, now that we have the essentials down, let’s dress her up with a few of my must-have items when incorporating a tree into a room. While trees always look good, they look Good-er when you place them in a basket or stone planter with a plant stand. 

If you can invest in these two items your tree will look like it’s fresh off of the pages of @elledecor.

Other Types of Ficus Plant

Although the Ficus Audrey is my favorite of the Ficus plants, it’s certainly not the only plant type in this plant collection. Let’s take a quick look at some of the ficus plants!

  • Ficus Benghalensis – Also known as the Ficus Audrey, this banyan tree is the national tree of India!
  • Ficus Elastica – Commonly referred to as the rubber plant or rubber tree, this outdoor plant can grow up to 100 ft. tall in the wild!
  • Ficus Benjamina – Sometimes called the Ficus tree, this plant is the official plant of Bangkok.
  • Ficus Aurea – Known as the Florida Strangler Fig, this plant slowly creeps up its host plant, eventually strangling it to death and establishing itself as its own tree.

There are over 900 different species of Ficus, but these are a few that I thought were worth mentioning!


How do you care for Audrey ficus?

These are a few different things you’ll need to do, beyond basics (like using the appropriate soil type, providing the plant with clean water, and using the correct pot size). Speaking of, make sure to use a pot with drainage holes to prevent overwatering!

Maintaining the correct moisture level and light conditions is critical. This tropical plant prefers indirect light, so avoid direct sunlight (especially in the summer months). If properly taken care of, you can even grow new plants from stem cuttings!

Is Ficus Audrey an indoor plant?

Although they naturally occur outside, yes, a Ficus Audrey makes for an excellent indoor plant!

Are Audrey ficus hard to care for?

Not particularly. Beginners who can maintain a consistent watering schedule and have an appropriate location for the plant shouldn’t run into many troubles. However, you should always keep an eye on your plant for any unwanted changes (such as leaf drop or the appearance of fungus gnats!).

Is Ficus Audrey rare?

No, the Ficus Audrey isn’t a rare plant. It’s actually very easy to find in many nurseries! However, this plant does produce aerial roots, which instantly makes it more interesting than many other common houseplants!

How long do ficus Audrey live?

These plants generally last ten to twenty years when grown indoors.

Are You Ready to Expand Your Plant Collection!?

Remember, plants are living creatures. Do your best to treat them as such and they will pay you back tenfold with beautiful greenery and positive vibes. I just have a calendar reminder on my phone for watering and misting. It helps! 

Also, If you are looking for a 6’ tree or taller call your local nursery and check. Many will even ship if you ask them. This is especially nice if your hardiness zone is not the ideal weather for them, but inside your home, you are able to accommodate the temperature and light needs.

Have fun, fellow plant parents. I love my Ficus Audrey. I hope you will give it a shot. Mark my words, this is THE tree.

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