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A Cabin Bathroom Update

Okay, great news! We finally, and I do mean Fine-a-lee, cleared our water damage remediation and mold test! I am so relieved. I spent a good amount of my birthday last week trying to not worry about it and not spiral into thinking the worst with our cabin. Is it just me, or is this so hard to do? Sometimes, I jump to the worst-case scenario. But, with a lot of your support and chats with family and friends, I was able to keep the process calm and trusting.

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As you read this, we are driving up to the Cabin to inspect the work; we have a ton of punch list items to tackle now that the home is “safe” for us to inhabit. First on the list will be inspecting the floors, walls, and leak areas for clearance. Just look at this mold. It was scary y’all! I can’t wait to get a photo so you can see the space now that it’s cleared.

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This will be quickly followed by confirming our brand-new generator has been placed and wired correctly. While the generator is installed, we want to move it to a more aesthetically pleasing location so we aren’t gazing out onto the back of the wiring from inside the cabin. I did talk to the GC about this before install in writing, and it still somehow ended up in a different spot.

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Guys, on that note. Hold your ground when this type of thing happens in a remodel, and wait to release payment until the job is completed as agreed. It’s up to the vendor to solve mistakes in good faith. I know it can be scary pushing back on a tradesman or professional, but if you were clear and a mistake was made. They need to fix it. Could you peep the new level pad below? Fingers crossed, we can get this installed by the end of March. It’s fire season soon, and we want backup power when PG&E does roll outages.

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Even better? We have started replacing our cabin’s fogged windows. The process is known as re-glazing. We are simply removing the daily glass while keeping the main frame in place, resealing it, and making it watertight! Almost all the cabin windows have failed, and this is one of the last must-dos now that the water and electrical have been upgraded. After all, you want something other than a beautiful interior design and a Leakey exterior. Could you just look at the octagon window we saved? I am so tickled that we found a way to keep, honor, and seal this sea ranch-style architectural detail. Always let the house guide you. You couldn’t even see through it when we bought it. Can you see the final look when it is painted/stained black? I am screaming with joy.


So, my loves, we have progress! So much progress. It’s such a relief after being stalled out for so long. I can’t wait to get to the good stuff, which includes the bathroom remodel. For now, I honored the home’s original mid-mod 80’s inspired design by upgrading the shower’s wet area with 2×2 evergreen square tiles, or possibly hunter green changing them from a dusty amber to rich green. I wanted more of a moody pop. Here’s a quick render I am working on with my amazing friends at Fireclay Tile. I can’t wait to get this going and fill the space with a ridiculous amount of plants, transforming the space into a bathroom oasis. More to come!

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Speaking of plants. I have been thinking. One of the most annoying things is when your succulent starts to die. Aren’t they supposed to be un-killable?! I strive to have my living room filled with plants– and that includes cute little succulents. Well, I whipped up a guide for you on how to revive a succulent when needed. From mastering the art of watering to finding the ideal spot for your succulents to flourish, I’ve got you covered. Check it out here!

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I stumbled upon this captivating dark academia bedroom interior on Pinterest, and let me tell you, it’s pure aesthetic magic. The design is full of deep, moody hues, with a captivating interplay of textures and patterns. As an interior design enthusiast, I’m all about those accent pieces that seamlessly tie a room together, and this space nails it with its carefully curated selection. It reminds me a lot of the bedroom vibes we are wanting for our cabin. Let’s dive in and take a look at some dark academia-inspired pieces I found for you!

Gold Framed Art Print

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First up, we have this gold framed art print. The moody tones of the artwork create a striking contrast against the deep, rich colors of the walls and furnishings, adding depth and visual interest to the space. Plus, it’s the perfect piece to add to a gallery wall!

Steel Gold Sconce

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Next, we have this steel gold sconce. The warm glow emitted by the gold sconce creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for setting the mood in a dark academia bedroom. Check out more sconces here!

Staghorn Fern

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A staghorn fern is the perfect plant to add to your dark academia bedroom design. You know I love how plants bring nature indoors and add a new layer of dimension to the space. Make sure you check out these other types of ferns for your home.

Ceramic Vase

Screenshot 2024 03 06 At 1.05.47 Pm

Every plant needs a perfect vessel – which is this ceramic vase. The color and texture of this vase provides contrast against lighter decor elements in the room and adds a moody depth for the dark academia vibe!

Plaid Duvet Cover

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Okay, next is this plaid duvet cover that I am obsessed with. The classic plaid pattern exudes vintage charm and academic nostalgia, perfectly aligning with the aesthetic of a dark academia bedroom. Bedding is important, make sure you choose wisely!

Modern Accent Chair

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Next, we have this modern accent chair. This chair provides a cozy and inviting spot for reading and blends together with the dark academia bedroom vibe. Check out more side chairs here!

Charcoal Area Rug

Screenshot 2024 03 06 At 1.06.29 Pm Edited

I love this charcoal area rug! It’s the perfect color palette for a dark academia bedroom and a sophisticated contrast against lighter flooring or furnishings in the room.

Floor Lamp Side Table

Screenshot 2024 03 06 At 1.06.48 Pm

Next, we have this perfect floor lamp side table combo piece. How cool is this?! It’s a minimalistic design and another way to add mood lighting to your bedroom.

Vintage Book Set

Screenshot 2024 03 06 At 1.06.56 Pm

Last, we have this vintage book set. Talk about academia! These are the perfect accent pieces to add to your arched bookcase or to decorate your nightstand. Check out more decorative book stacks here.

Preppy Dark Academia Bedroom Green Upper East Side Aesthetic Edited

What do you think about this dark academia bedroom design? Can’t wait to keep scrolling through Pinterest and share more design ideas with you! Check out more mood boards on my blog here. Hope you all have a great rest of your week! xoxo

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