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Home is in the Details

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Home is in the Details


There are a million and one ways a person can spruce up their space – trust me I know. In that pursuit, it can be easy to think the only way you can have a home you love is by doing a big home makeover. That’s not the case guys. I promise. There are a ton of interesting, affordable, and fun ways to take the ordinary to extraordinary one detail at a time. Ya, see it’s all about the details over here @136home. Details just make the home, and in the end, enough of these seemingly little details can add up to a big wow! Rome wasn’t built in a day – as they say.

So today, I am sharing with you my Top 10 Favorite Home Detail Upgrades anyone can do to instantly level up your home on a budget, and quickly. Interested? Great, let’s dive in:

  • Door Knockers
    • When you have guests this is literally the first interaction they have with your home. Sure, a ring is nice. But, take a moment to invest in a door knocker that makes a statement. For us, we restored a vintage knocker peephole from the 1940s with some rub n buff. But there are a million amazing knockers out there that set the stage for your home. Go for it. They are super affordable and easy to install.
  • Amber Bottles
    • Guys, you don’t have to settle for those out-of-the-box plastic bottles. Sure, they work but we can do better! Instead, grab a few of my favorite amber bottles. They come in both glass or plastic. I love to just keep a big bottle of soap in my kitchen and bathroom and fill em’ as needed. The look is both timeless and inviting. You can instantly turn any room into a hotel-style experience with this simple swap-out! Go for it.
  • Pottery
    • It’s not just for the living room. I love bringing beautiful distressed pottery into the kitchen to store my cooking utensils. The form and function is just what any kitchen calls for to go from ordinary to extraordinary. I have this and I love it always and forever.
  • Stems + Plants
    • I have yet to see a completed room that doesn’t look a million times better after a potted plant or vase of flower stems (faux or real) has been added. All of my rooms have something green in them. In my opinion, yours should too. That includes the bathroom, kitchen, and even your closet. Go for it. This can be done easily and in no time flat. It makes a big difference.
  • Hardware pulls
    • I love my tricorn black cabinets. But, what makes me love them even more, are the gorgeous brass half moon hardware pulls. Swapping hardware out is quite possibly the easiest DIY and it can completely transform a room in a single afternoon in an instant. This also works great on furniture like dressers and nightstands.

In the end, I hope that you are inspired by this list. Remember, home is in the details – over time. Give one of these a shot – just go for it! Maybe even consider doing all 10 over a period of time and I bet you will not only love the process, but when it’s all said and done be thrilled with the result. I just know you will.

For more DIY, tips, and design inspiration be sure to check us out on Instagram and leave a comment below. Love ya. xoxo

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