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Nothing beats enjoying a delicious meal. I live for my date night dinners out around here. There’s just something joyous about a good meal with a loved one that lifts spirits.

However, good food is only half the battle. To win the war, one must pair it with some really good wine to complete the experience.

The best way to make a good meal – great – IMHO is to pair it with the perfect glass (or bottle) of wine. Especially one that is delicious and affordable. It’s a difficult and oftentimes daunting task. Luckily, there are two particular wines that I believe you can almost never go wrong with, no matter what food you’re eating or what it is that you’re celebrating.

Curious? Without further ado, here are two personal faves when it comes to finding heaven in a bottle:



Why it’s good: This crisp white wine has notes of pear, apple, and melon, making it a versatile drink that’s easy to enjoy due to its acidity.

Good to pair with: chicken skewers, shrimp, scallops



Why it’s good: With notes of melon, apricot, apple, pear, and peace, this white wine’s vibrant and citrus flavors make it a rich and refreshing option that tastes nothing short of heavenly!

Good to pair with: Chicken, pasta, fish, salads, greens, root vegetables.


Pairing good food with good wine is an unbeatable combination when they both complement each other to create a harmonious balance. The secret? Neither one should overpower the other. The wine must enhance the flavors of the food, and vice versa.

Trust me, you can never go wrong with either one of the options I listed above for a dish that’s light(ish) and bright. Aside from the fact that they are both delicious (especially when enjoyed with good company), it has long been proven that white wine also offers a variety of health benefits due to its high antioxidant level.

AtoZ Bottles

You see, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a glass or two of wine. According to some, it could even prove beneficial to your overall health in the long term as long as you drink safely and in moderation.

Personally, I try to save my wines for special occasions, although I don’t deprive myself of opening a bottle whenever I need to unwind or when I’m having a great dinner with friends or family – especially on a Friday evening on my deck. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating daily joys, especially during these uncertain times that we live in.

How about you? Do you have a particular favorite when it comes to wine? Are you thinking about trying the A-Z Pinot Gris or perhaps, the Chardonnay? You really should! It’s always a good idea to stock up on a few good bottles of wine because you never know when you’ll have some guests over. Also, sometimes it’s good for your soul to enjoy a good glass even when you’re home alone, watching television, or just enjoying the peace and silence in your own bedroom. Am I right? You know I am!

The next time you’re feeling extra tired or just out of it for some reason or another, don’t feel guilty about opening that bottle. Sometimes that’s all we really need. Xoxo

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