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How to Decorate Kitchen Walls

Trying to figure out how to decorate kitchen walls? Chances are, you know that there are a ton of different ways to go about it. The real struggle, however, is deciding what will look best in your kitchen space. Trust me I know, I have decorated kitchen walls hundreds of times over the years, and I understand that for many folks it can easily become overwhelming.

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Don’t worry. I gathered up my top 50 favorite ways you can decorate your kitchen walls like a pro interior designer. You can mix and match these options as you see fit – most go perfectly together.

Alright, there’s no point in beating around the (kitchen) bush. Let’s just get right into it. Enjoy!

  1. Add abstract art
how to decorate kitchen walls banquette abstract art
Design: Breeze Giannasio. Photo: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Tired of staring at a blank wall? Switch things up with a bit of kitchen wall art. You’ll have plenty of artwork options, but I’d recommend giving abstract art a try if you can. This style of artwork can work with almost any type of decor so it’s a safe bet if you aren’t confident, Just note that abstract art tends to work best with a relatively neutral background. Consider my favorite white paint.

  1. Put board and batten stripes on the walls
Im 762523
Photo by Elijah G on Unsplash

Adding board and batten is an instant charm. The vertical stripe panels in your kitchen are another one of my easy-to-implement kitchen wall decor ideas. You can use them as part of an accent wall, to highlight a paint color change, to play around with patterns, and so much more. The key is to just get creative with your stripe size and color selection! That said, I always recommend making a mockup to ensure your design will work with your current kitchen runners, countertops, cabinets, and other colored surfaces.

  1. Display your favorite black-and-white photos
how to decorate kitchen walls black and white art

They might be a bit old-fashioned, but you should never underestimate the appeal of some old-fashioned black-and-white photos. These are perfect for adorning your currently bare walls since the monochromatic color scheme works well with nearly any color palette.

If you have the time, make a small collection of your favorite photos to print up. You can switch these out as the year goes on, keeping the decor fresh while the aesthetics remain consistent.

  1. Remove Cabinet and Cupboard Fronts
Inness Hotel Dining 2 Adrian Gaut 1466x1833 1
Photo by Leeloo Thefirst

You would be shocked by the way your cabinets can go from drab to fab by simply removing the fronts. In doing this you can paint them a big bold color and turn your storage space into a wow moment by displaying your favorite china and oddities. It’s an affordable and inexpensive way to get a designer look, literally in an instant. Be sure to wood fill and sand down any holes before painting for a polished look.

  1. Build a breakfast bar through your wall
large kitchen wall

As you could probably figure out if you read my post on floating shelves, I absolutely love DIY projects. This one does have a few prerequisites, but—if you already meet them—I think it’s an option worth looking into.

Basically, if you have a large kitchen wall with nothing else on the other side, you can use that free wall space to make a breakfast bar through the wall. This works great if you have the kitchen right next to your dining or living room, as you can easily serve food from the kitchen without filling it with people.

  1. Repaint your brick wall
Screenshot 2023 09 10 At 4.45.47 PM

You can easily give your kitchen a splash of color by repairing the bricks on your wall. Of course, not everyone has brick walls in their kitchen, but this problem is easily solved by a quick trip to Home Depot. Just look for “brick wall paneling”!

I really love bricks in the kitchen. Not only does it give your walls some texture, but it also makes the area feel a bit more rustic. If that’s the vibe you’re after then I highly recommend looking into this.

  1. Pick up a chalkboard
A Bright Kitchen In Yellow With Chalkboard Walls That Create A Contrast And Make The Space Look Catchy And Bold Thanks To Colorufl Art.jpg

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, but if it’s filled with silver appliances and blank walls, it can start feeling stale pretty quickly. Thankfully, you can add a bit of life and personality into the space simply by picking up a small chalkboard for your kitchen.

  1. Buy a clock for your kitchen
Photo via Mlind Hansen

A plain clock won’t really help you change the vibe of a room. Still, a clock serves a functional purpose, so why not implement one into your design? There are tons of different designs for you to choose from, and finding the right one will surely help enhance the room feel you’re after.

  1. Consider coffee cup hangers
Screenshot 2023 09 10 At 3.25.22 PM
Photo by Chris Scott on Unsplash

Most of us own quite a few coffee cups. Not sure how to decorate kitchen walls? No worries. Installing a coffee cup rack is easy and quick! They can go almost anywhere but look especially fine under shelving. I suggest installing a few hangers on an empty wall that are dedicated solely to storing your coffee cups. This is an easy way to organize your collection, but it also helps prevent accidents.

  1. Give corner shelves a try
how to decorate kitchen walls with brass pot rail
Kitchen design via DeVol Kitchens

Minimizing clutter, maximizing cooking space, and filling an awkward corner? Yup, corner shelves are perfect for this! Alternatively, you can also install a corner shelf on the outside of your countertop for an easier-to-reach display. Either way, corner shelves add some much-needed curves into an otherwise angular design.

  1. Pick up a few countertop plants
Large Indoor Plants

Y’all know I love indoor greenery, so of course I was gonna suggest this. Plants look amazing whether you’re working with a small space or a large one. The key is to simply pick plants that match the scale of your kitchen. Here are my favorite indoor plants that don’t need lots of light.

From there, put them in a nice vase like this one and enjoy a bit of extra fresh air.

  1. Install cupboards above the oven
open shelving
Photo by Callum Hill on Unsplash

Maximizing kitchen space is important, especially if your kitchen is on the small side. Open shelving is great, but it can look unsightly if none of your kitchenware matches. The easy solution to this? Cupboards!

  1. Give your kitchen window some curtains
how to decorate kitchen walls cafe curtain
Kitchen Remodel via Wild Flower Home Interiors

Easy to install and instantly adding character, window curtains are a must-have in my book. You also get the benefit of privacy on demand, paired with a pretty pattern to frame your view of the outside.

  1. Experiment with tile shapes
Kitchen Mixed
Emily Henderson How Add Charm To A Kitchen 18
Photo by roam in color on Unsplash

Rectangular tiles might be fairly common, but that doesn’t mean they’re your only option. Consider switching things up with hexagon, diamond, or fish scale tiles with this kitchen wall idea instead. You don’t have to have a “cookie cutter” kitchen if you don’t want to.

  1. Curate a family photo wall
kitchen wall decoration
Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

The difference between a “house” and a “home” is the sense of belonging. What better way to add that magical feeling than with a family photo wall? Family photos can work with almost any kitchen design, making them a classic kitchen wall decoration. See your loved ones every day with this simple upgrade.

  1. Upgrade to floating shelves
Screenshot 2023 09 10 At 4.57.22 PM
Via Dezeen

Regular shelves work fine, don’t get me wrong. However, if you want something that won’t impose on your current design then a floating shelf is the way to go. Blending into the background while still providing the storage space you need, floating shelves are a great upgrade to nearly any kitchen.

  1. Fill a vase with your favorite flowers
Modern Fall Torino Vase

Part of mastering how to decorate kitchen walls is mastering the art of decorating in front of the walls. Placing a vase of flowers on top of the countertop in front of the wall is an easy way to do this. 

Flowers don’t last very long, but they do add a bit of vibrancy and contrast to the area before they wilt away. If you can find some beautiful flowers then I think they’re worth placing on special occasions.

Take a look at my favorite house plants if you’re after something a bit more permanent.

  1. Put a fruit bowl on your countertop
HCD Berkeley HIlls 10
Kitchen Design via Heidi Callier Designs

Like flowers, fruit bowls can also be used as a focal point in front of an otherwise plain wall. I really like this option though, because you get a few healthy snacks and a nice color splash! Place the bowl up close to the wall if you really want to highlight the contrast.

  1. Find your favorite Oddities and frame them
framed art
Photo by Manja Vitolic on Unsplash

Find yourself needing a bit of inspiration in the kitchen. The solution is simple: just find a few framed (or not) oddities that will instantly up-level your space. I love to hang masks, baskets, wooden wares, vintage kitchen tools, and crates just to name a few. A curated collection that is tightly hung is they key for a design look here here is important.

  1. Install a gallery wall

Just like with your living room, installing a gallery wall in your kitchen is an excellent way to instantly add character! I suggest placing it in a spot where you can admire it often, such as across from the kitchen island or by the dining table.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to do this either. Even placing a simple print set can achieve the desired results on a budget.

  1. Get some glass cabinets
how to decorate kitchen walls glass cabinet fronts
Design via Sarah O’Neil

Glass cabinets are an excellent storage solution that can help you fill up some otherwise unused wall space. That said, you’ll want to be mindful of what you place in front, as your choices will be on full display.

If practical, I try to put my nicer dishes and glasses in front, leaving the less glamorous pieces in the back and out of sight.

  1. Invest in gold or brass accents
how to decorate kitchen walls
Design and hardware via DeVol Kitchen

White and gold is a color combination that screams luxury. If you already have white or black cabinets then, chances are, adding gold or brass accents will be the perfect cherry on top of your kitchen interior design.

Basically, anything that’s builder-grade chrome can be replaced with “an upgrade”, which makes a big impact. From your kitchen sink faucet to the handles used to access your drawer space, these accents are sure to make your kitchen look like a million bucks

  1. Switch to a glossy finish
Kitchen Cabinets tricorn black paint

Matte surfaces have been common in the kitchen and dining area for a while, but you can give glossy a try if you really want that “modern kitchen” vibe. Plus, glossy paint known as high gloss is great in a kitchen because of its ease of cleaning.

Countertops and cabinet faces are great spots for using a glossy finish. They’ll reflect light back into the room, brightening the area without distracting from the overall aesthetic.

  1. Hang a sign or vintage portrait or two
Tumblr Pognn35vKl1wd76zwo1 540

Vintage signs and portraits offer tons of visual interest, and layers to a kitchen. Don’t worry about bringing art into your kitchen decor – I promise it will make the vibe instantly more elevated. Signs and art add a quirky sense of humor while staying sophisticated in approach. Don’t sleep on this one. I include a vintage sign or portrait in every single one of my kitchen designs.

  1. Hanging cutting boards on the wall
Screenshot 2023 09 10 At 4.30.49 PM

Storage can be an issue, especially if you have a small kitchen. Fortunately, by adding a few wall hooks, you can instantly reduce the empty wall space and create an additional place for extra storage.

This works great with cutting boards in particular, as these cover a large surface area by design. Just spread out the hooks, organize your cutting boards, and you’ll end up with a unique, functional display.

  1. Hanging plants
Kitchen Hanging Plants
Kitchen and styling via DeVol Kitchens

Even if you don’t have the countertop space for plants, you don’t have to give up on plants right away. Consider using hanging planters instead. These look fantastic when placed at the end of shelves, but you can also use them to frame windows or even complement your current decor.

  1. Hang your pans
how to decorate kitchen walls
Brass Chair Rail and Kitchen by DeVol Designs

Whether this is a decoration or simply a functional storage solution really depends on the pans you own. However, if you have a few premium pans that you wouldn’t mind displaying then hanging them on the wall could be a smart idea.

Just like with the cutting boards, install a few wall hangings on an empty wall to complete this easy upgrade.

  1. Shelf a few photos
Table - Shelf

Chances are, you already did this when you got your first kitchen, but I think that placing photos on your shelves can be a nice change from simply mounting them on the walls. Ideally, I’d say a mixture of both looks the best, so go for a combination of picture placements if you can.

  1. Brighten the space with a shelved mirror
mirror how to decorate kitchen walls

It’s not directly related to how to decorate kitchen walls, but getting the lighting right is arguably just as important. That is, assuming you want your kitchen to look as good as possible!

Pick up something like this metal curved top mirror if you have the shelf space for it. The mirror will help your kitchen appear bigger than it actually is, while also reflecting light back into the room for better visibility.

  1. Add oversized art
1 Lost Art Gallery Edited
Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

Filling your kitchen with smaller canvas prints is an option, but you can always take the opposite approach and go with one large piece instead. Just put a lot of thought into the art or photo you want to display, as this will likely be what attracts the most visual attention.

  1. Arrange a plate wall
how to decorate kitchen walls plate art

Want a non-traditional accent wall and have some fine china? Make a decorative plate wall! Of course, constantly picking plates off of the wall greatly increases the chance of breaking them. With that in mind, I’d suggest only hanging plates you rarely use, so long as they’ll make for a nice display.

  1. Buy a plate rack
Photo by Susan Mohr on Unsplash

It may not be the most decorative solution, but organizing your plates in a plate rack will surely look better than simply stacking them. There are many different plate racks you can buy, but I find that ones with a wooden frame pair nicely with nearly any backdrop.

  1. Put up a pegboard wall
how to decorate kitchen walls peg board
Photo via Apartment Therapy

Generally, pegboards are something you’d find in a garage or a workshop. Still, they have a lot of potential in the kitchen if you know how to use them! It might be one of the less conventional kitchen ideas, but using a pegboard wall to organize your overflow of pots and pans is an excellent idea.

As an added bonus, you’ll also be able to clear out your cabinets a bit while decorating.

  1. Replace upper cabinets with larger windows
Antique Cape Style House Smith Vansant Architects 08 1 Kindesign
Kitchen from One Kind Design

If kitchen storage isn’t really a concern for you then downsizing could be worth looking into. Take the space currently occupied by your unused cabinets, and use it to replace your tiny windows instead.

Upgrading to larger windows over your sink, counters, or stove is the best way to enjoy lots of natural light while in the kitchen.

  1. Revamp with a bit of wallpaper
entire wall how to decorate kitchen walls

Sometimes you want to recolor the entire wall but you can’t be bothered to paint. Covering the walls with wallpaper is an easy way to enjoy a colorful kitchen that will last for years to come. With so many patterns, colors, and designs to choose from, you’re basically guaranteed to find one that you love.

  1. Shelf a few sculptures
art pieces
Photo by Pelayo Arbués on Unsplash

I love 2D art, but sometimes, you really need to get some 3D art pieces if you want to make an impression! I’ve already mentioned shelving in this post about how to decorate kitchen walls, but I only mentioned the 2D options.

If you really want to take your display to the next level, consider adding a mini sculpture like this into the mix!

  1. Maximize wall space with small framed pictures
small framed picture
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Having a dedicated gallery wall might not be an option for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t adorn your kitchen with photos. Rather than placing them all together, consider using small framed pictures to fill in the gaps!

  1. Split the space by wall color
how to decorate kitchen walls accent wall paint
Kitchen Design via DeVol Kitchens

One easy way to really make the walls stand out from each other is by painting them in different colors. Some consistency is important, such as the white frames & cupboards in the photo above. By changing the backdrop on each wall, you can add just enough variety without making things seem out of place.

  1. Striped Wall or Ceiling
Screenshot 2023 09 10 At 4.38.47 PM
Dining Room via Arch Digest

If you really want your kitchen walls to make an impression then consider going striped. While you could technically choose more than two colors, I think going with a two-color design looks the best. Too many colors can end up looking overbearing!

Go with vertical stripes if you want to make the room seem taller. Want it to look longer? Horizontal stripes are your best choice.

  1. Switch things up with self-adhesive wallpaper
how to decorate kitchen walls using wallpaper

Want to know how to decorate kitchen walls in a way that can be easily updated later on, without the need for a contractor? That’s simple: use self-adhesive wallpaper!

Like regular wallpaper, you’ll have plenty of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from. Unlike regular wallpaper, self-adhesive wallpaper can easily be removed or repositioned if you make a mistake. This makes it an excellent option for the casual DIYer who doesn’t want to commit to a single design.

  1. Fill in empty spots with standing shelves
standing shelves how to decorate kitchen walls
Photo by Beazy on Unsplash

The best part about free-standing shelves is that you can easily move them. Beyond that, they’re just regular shelves! If you genuinely need the storage space then standing shelves are an easy solution that doesn’t require getting the tools out.

If not, then they are a great place to put some of your favorite photos, artwork, and decorative pieces.

  1. Install statement lights above the kitchen island
Kitchen Cabinets Heidi
Photo by Christian Mackie on Unsplash

Installing statement lights above your kitchen island is a smart move, but it’s one you should put a bit of thought into. Since they’re essentially placed in the middle of the room, the light they produce can really set the mood for the entire room.

Yellow-toned lights work well for making your kitchen feel warm and cozy, while cool, white light are best for making bright colors really pop. Check out these brass chandeliers to get an idea of what placement I’m talking about.

  1. Give your kitchen a theme with artwork
themed art how to decorate kitchen walls
Photo by laura adai on Unsplash

This works especially well if you’re planning on installing a gallery wall, but you can also do it with standalone pictures and handpicked decor. Basically, you just pick a theme for your kitchen and then pick decorations to match.

  1. Install a tiled wall
how to decorate kitchen walls tile
Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

If you’re tired of your plain old painted backsplash then it might be time to upgrade to a tiled one instead. Plain rectangular tiles are a reliable option, but you can get a bit more creative with the shapes if you want more visual impact.

Aside from aesthetics, tiled backsplashes are also durable, easy to clean, and generally long-lasting, making them an excellent upgrade.

  1. Place a wall-mounted mirror
wall-mounted mirror
Photo by Erica Marsland Huynh on Unsplash

Worried about a freestanding mirror falling off of your shelf and shattering? Take a more permanent approach by wall-mounting the mirror. 

Wall-mounting generally gives you larger mirrors to work with, which could be great if you really want to create the illusion of space in your kitchen. Just bear in mind that it will require routine cleaning to look its best!

  1. Go all-in with a wall mural
wall mural
Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

The look of a large framed photo is impressive, but it’s not quite as imposing as an entire wall mural! You can either get one custom-painted or purchase a pre-made mural. The first option isn’t really practical for everyone, as it does require knowing—or hiring—a great artist.

On the other hand, the second method will limit you to designs that are already available for sale. Either way, installing a mural is the perfect way to completely define the vibe of a room with just a single upgrade.

  1. Turn your collection into a fine wine display
wine display
Photo by Veronika Jorjobert on Unsplash

If you consider yourself a wine connoisseur, chances are, you have quite a few bottles of premium wine around your home. Since you’re not going to enjoy them all at once, why not take these delectable drinks and learn how to decorate kitchen walls with them?

To be fair, there isn’t much to learn. You simply buy a wine display rack and install it. However, the design will need to integrate into the larger design of your kitchen so do a bit of research before making any decisions.

  1. Pick up a few windowsill plants
How to Pick the Best Kitchen Rug for Hardwood Floors
Photo by Elly Endeavours on Unsplash

Handpicked curtains work wonders for your windowsills, but do you know what really completes the look? Adding a few window plants to your windowsill!

Tiny potted flowers are a great way to brighten up the area. On the other hand, succulents might work better if that window gets a lot of sunlight. Look into a few different options to make sure that the plant(s) you’ve picked will thrive in the windowsill.

  1. Give natural wood paneling a try
Worktop - Kitchen

Lastly, if you’re after that old-fashioned rustic feel, consider adding some wood paneling to your kitchen. You simply can’t go wrong with this!

From countertops to cabinets, you have plenty of options to choose from. Make a few mock-ups and compare them before getting started though, as this upgrade can be quite costly.

A Simple Summary For How to Decorate Kitchen Walls

Screenshot 2023 08 13 At 12.13.47 PM

Like I said, there are tons of options to consider when trying to figure out how to decorate kitchen walls! Just remember: what works best for one kitchen might not be a great way to decorate another. Draw mockups, compare your options, and then enjoy the installation process.

I’m sure it will turn out great!

Want more ideas and inspirations for your home decor? Check out my post on upgrading to a modern living room. Until next time, I hope you all have a great week! xoxo

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Decorate Kitchen Walls

Apple Green Kitchen Cabinets Edited
Photo by Євгенія Височина on Unsplash

What is the best way to decorate kitchen walls?

It really depends on what you’re going for. I’d suggest first conceptualizing the “vibe” you want for your kitchen. From there, pick a color scheme and backdrop before moving on to cupboards, cabinets, and countertops. With all the major pieces in place, you can perfect the kitchen walls with some of the decor ideas above!

What type of art goes in kitchen?

Abstract art, statement pieces, and nature scenes are all tried-and-true options. However, themed photographs are also a solid option. Need an example? Let’s say you love Italian food. By curating a collection of Italian food and travel photos, you can really highlight your love of Italian food while also adorning the walls!

Without a doubt, white is the most popular color for kitchen walls! Of course, you can technically paint your kitchen any color you’d like. However, neutral colors like white, sage green, or navy blue tend to be the most common.

Should kitchen walls be darker than cabinets?

Either or. It really depends on the aesthetic you’re going for. Generally though, I would suggest avoiding having both your walls and your cabinets the same color, as this can create a really bland blend throughout the kitchen.

What colors make a kitchen look bigger?

Light colors are generally best for giving the illusion of space. This is part of why white is the most popular kitchen color.

What makes a kitchen look cheap?

There are many things that can make your kitchen look cheap. Fortunately, most—such as having mismatched appliances, fluorescent lights, or laminate countertops—are easy to avoid or fix.

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