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Why I Love Brass Door Handles

Simply put, a door handle or knob is a small lever or round object attached to a door that is used to either close or opens the door. Brass door handles like mine can be made using varied materials such as; porcelain, wood, bronze, plastic, chrome, cut glass, and my all-time favorite brass.

The thing is – they make such an impact when upgraded. Yet, often times people let these everyday utilitarian pieces of hardware fall flat. But, we don’t do that around here now do we guys? Say it with me, “Home is in the details.” Read more about why this is one of my top two easy upgrades that make a big impact on a home’s design.

Door handles and Dutch doors come in numerous shapes, styles, and finishes. But don’t get overwhelmed when the time comes to pick some of your very own. What matters most is your personal taste. Be creative here. It makes a difference and remember that whichever material you choose, it should elevate and compliment the design aesthetic you are looking to achieve.

Brass front door handle
  • Satin finish
  • Matte black
  • Chrome polish
  • Nickel finishes
  • Wood finishes
  • Polished Brass
  • Antique Brass
  • Glass encrusted
  • Copper
antique brass door handles with crystal

Brass door handles

I love brass handles. Although I think you know that by now. They are elegant and modern at the same time. You just have to do it right. My front door handle is made of brass, giving it a classy and antique look with a gorgeous rosette style pattern. You loved my front door hardware so much that it made my top 21 of 2021 most asked-for links. Check out my full list of most-popular decor pieces here. One main feature of brass handles that attracted me to them was that they blend well into most aesthetics and wear with a beautiful patina. Your doors can be of any color, but a brass handle will look especially beautiful in black, and muted tones. This is what I did in my home.

brass front door handle Baldwin

Beauty is not the only thing special about a brass front door handle. They also have numerous other advantages that will make you fall in love with them. Some of these advantages include:

Antique brass door handle options are solid, sturdy, and long-lasting. They are also highly fire-resistant. These qualities make them a good option if you are worried about safety and security. Your brass door will protect your house from fires and other dangers for a long time.

Brass Door Handles
Some of my favorite brass door handles

Brass door handles also have antibacterial properties. Brass, which is predominantly made of copper, will prevent bacteria from spreading, especially the terrifying ones you want to avoid like MRSA and E-coli. They also help prevent or contain spores, molds, and viruses, keeping your family healthy and far away from diseases. Unvarnished brass will also disinfect itself in about eight hours.

All these features make brass door handles one of the most loved door handles in the world. So what are you waiting for?

antique brass door handle
Photo via Melissa at the Inspired Room

Brass door handle antique options

Brass door handles bring a warm and golden tinge to your home. You can add detail to the cozy look by choosing the finish that best suits you. There are numerous finishes you can choose from. Some of them include:

Antique brass door handles

This is my go-to! This finish offers a rich and deep brown patina over time, with rich golden undertones. These door handles have a beautifully aged and rustic look, giving a classic yet contemporary feel. Opting for the antique finish with darker tones will allow you to have versatility. They will look crisp against wooden doors and neutral interior doors. There will also be an authentic and relaxed look to your home.

These door handles are extremely durable and require very little maintenance. Any fingerprints or marks will remain hidden due to the mattified finish. You only need to clean it with a smooth cloth now and then to keep it shiny.

Brushed antique brass door handles

brass front door handles with black dutch door

This is the most popular brass finish. It is bright, eye-catching, and modern without being extravagant. This finish is defined by its golden tones with a matte effect. These types of handles have small abrasions that are created in the same direction. Even though they do not have much shine, they give an elegant and subtle feel. Any fingerprints, dirt, or marks will remain hidden due to the small abrasions in the handle. This makes maintenance extremely easy.

Brushed brass door handles are the best choice for you if you are aiming for a soft look for your home. You can also add elegance and warmth to your interiors by using these handles.

Polished brass front door handle

These handles give a unique personality to your home with their bright and shining look. They are suited for neutral and luxurious styles. They add warmth and color to the interiors of the rooms and make them bright by giving them a glossy finish. You can pair polished brass door handles with different colors to give a cozy look. You can also opt for contrast colors to further accentuate the interior of the room. Since they provide high versatility, you can change the interior decor without having to change or update your door handles. These handles are best suited for you if you are aiming to give an elegant and stylish look to your home.

Modern brass door handles

Modern brass door handles give numerous features, like durability and elegance. There are several designs that provide protection and a warm ambiance. You can choose a brass door handle with or without locks. In addition, you can also choose antique brass door handles with locks for your brass front door handle too. There are lots of options. You can choose elegant door handles without locks for your bathrooms or storage rooms.

Door knobs or door levers – which are the best for you?

antique brass door handles with a new door

A lot of people are confused about whether door knobs or levers are better for them. This decision depends on a lot of factors. Some of these include:

The perfect brass front door handle look

Before deciding on a lever or knob, you should know the exact look you are aiming for in your home. If you are someone who wants your home to have a classic Victorian look, then a door knob might be the better choice for you. You should opt for levers if you are planning for a European or contemporary look. They are also suitable for adding a modern look to minimalistic styles and decor.

Door levers are great for people a bit older

Are you looking to upgrade your retirement home or do you have an elderly relative living with you? In such a case, you will want the elderly to be comfortable by choosing a door lever. This will help them with the grip issues that often arise with conditions like arthritis and will make them feel comfortable. Levers are also the better choice for people suffering from motor functional issues and poor grip strength.

Keep kids out with door knobs

antique brass door handles

Do you have little kids running around and looking for a chance to go outside unsupervised? Kids do love exploring, but as parents, we always worry about their safety. We do not want them to go outside alone, or at least without our knowledge. Many parents prefer having door knobs as they are difficult for little kids to grip, preventing them from opening the door. So, if you have small kids, opt for a door knob, at least for the exterior doors.

Pets can’t open door knobs as easy

Mischievous and intelligent pets have also become adept at operating door levers, causing trouble for numerous owners. You might want to invest in a door knob if you have a furry friend at home.

But if you are someone with a service animal at home, you should buy a door lever. This will allow your service animal to help you when you are in dire need by opening the door.

Weather and other conditions

In places with extreme winters, people normally prefer to keep their hands dry. In such a case, it is easier to open the door with a door lever. Similarly, it is better to have a lever for doors like the bathroom doors since it is difficult to grip properly with wet hands.

Are brass door handles out of style?

bathroom hardware
Bathroom via Julie Blanner

Now, this is a question a lot of people have when they are looking to change their door handles to brass. No one wants their home to look outdated. We all want our homes to look timeless and trendy all at once. Good news? That’s what antique brass and crystal door knobs do. In my opinion Brass door handles have a timeless and traditional look. They give the house a warm, nostalgic, and homely feel. Numerous people consider brass handles outdated, but the luxurious and classy look they offer will always keep them on the radar of designers and homeowners. They are also making a huge comeback in recent years since they offer an inexpensive and easy way to upgrade and beautify homes. I am obsessed with my brass door handles.


In the end, don’t worry about brass door handles going out of style. Designers are using brass handles to add a sophisticated, elegant, and modern look instead of going for the more mundane tones of yesteryear. A quiet and subtle twinkle of brushed brass can elevate your entire home. While you are at it, consider painting your door too. New door hardware will leave you and your guests in awe. The look is perfection. Now go for it, and update your door hardware today!

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