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10 Reasons to Get A Fire Bowl


Your home’s interior design is important – we all know that. But, it isn’t the only thing you want to be paying attention to when you’re looking for ways to liven up your space. While interior styling is important, several design elements also work well for the exteriors of your home. A fire pit or fire bowl is an option you might want to consider adding to your backyard – especially as we are spending so much more time at home and we transition to summer.

I know I love mine as it has not only made my backyard an oasis but helped to make the space more inviting. As such, here are my top 10 reasons why adding a fire bowl to my backyard has changed my life for the better:

1 Firebowl1

Create a magical moment

A fire bowl can instantly help to create an intimate backyard space. The roar of a fire at night, or around sunset is divine – there’s nothing quite like it. Around a fire, you can cuddle with your loved ones while the warmth and glow of the fire set a mood. It’s totally magical. For me, some of my favorite conversations this summer have occurred around this very fire bowl.

It will lighten up your backyard

You can get as many gorgeous garden lights as you want, but they still won’t light up your backyard the way a fire bowl does. There’s just something different in the best way possible about the flicker of an open flame that transforms any backyard from ordinary to extraordinary.

It grabs attention as a focal point

A fire bowl in your backyard is sure to pull in the crowd and fetch you some compliments. People naturally gravitate to areas around a fire and as such are great for entertaining. Plus, they look great as a design element. A Fire bowl is really like having your very own backyard bonfire. Just watch as people start to cluster around a fire shoulder to shoulder. It’s simply the best.

1 FireBowl InBedroom

It can help you sell your home

If you plan to sell your home in the future, having a backyard fire bowl or pit can actually raise the value of your home. Yes, people are willing to pay more for homes that come with backyard fire features because they recognize the benefits and can easily see themselves enjoying them during the home hunt process. Def grab one!

You can enjoy year-round

A backyard fire bowl isn’t just something you can do during. As joyous as it is to sip a coffee and get cozy under a blanket in the cooler seasons it’s equally as enjoyable during the spring and summer months in the evening. You can enjoy a fire bowl any time of the year with your family and friends – if you do ya gotta try this awesome leveled-up s’more recipe. It’s quickly become my favorite sweet treat.

It’s just relaxing – period

Sitting in your backyard is going to relax you no matter what, but when you add a fire bowl to it, you’re ramping up the relaxation to the next level. Being in the presence of a fire can lower your blood pressure and help relieve stress. In fact, my favorite time to de-stress is as the sun goes down with a cup of tea – no phone just starting into the fire. Can you see it? It’s the best.    


It enhances your landscaping aesthetic

You may have already planned some great landscaping in your backyard, but a fire bowl can take to take it up a notch. They often become focal points in your backyard and complement the other landscaping elements beautifully. I just love how mine pops against the bamboo reeds in my lower yard. It’s really quite breathtaking – especially as the bamboo dances in the wind.

It works well in a large or small backyard space

Firebowls come in all shapes and sizes and are relatively affordable compared to their firepit sisters. Also, you often don’t need a massive backyard to have room for a fire bowl. As such they are great for almost anyone – even those with small decks. A fire bowl addition can also help to make your yard look bigger. I know it sure did in mine.

You can choose from among multiple options

There are several fire bowl options you can choose from. My recommendation would be this one. This design will work well for any backyard size and landscaping. It just compliments my yard so well and shines with almost any design style.

You can use it to cook

Getting together with your friends? Plan a cooking session around your backyard fire bowl – roast some marshmallows, hotdogs, or shishkabob. The options are limitless. It is just something amazing about roasting food with friends and family over an open fire. It’s summer guys – get out there and enjoy it.

Will you give a fire bowl a chance in your space? I sure hope so. They are quite affordable, instantly turn a backyard into a magical moment – all while helping to create space where you will want to gather with those you love. I am so into mine and have been having a blast sitting around it unwinding whenever I feel like it. For more home design tips, tricks, and DIY head to @136home on Instagram. I’ll see ya there. 

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    July 22, 2021 at 11:15 am

    I like the shape of this bowl-classic lines. Thanks for the link.


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