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The (final-ish) Cabin Bathroom Design

You guys, we are making more and more progress at the cabin. It’s happening step by step! Did you see in the stories that we passed our inspection for the generator? Hallelujah. Now, we will never (well, rarely) not have power! I can’t have my favorite cabin snacks going bad in the freezer when we aren’t there. After all, I curate my snacks very carefully. Cuz, snacking at the cabin is essential.

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Also, we just completed irrigating the clover fields I planted a few months ago that wrap both buildings and the flower beds. Here’s the thing: without this affordable self-timer irrigation system, the glorious green will brown as we head into summer, and we can’t have that. It would ruin the magic .

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The irrigation was super simple to install and only required a pre-existing water hook-up and some digging of trenches. But, I must admit I got help; trying to get this done before the summer sun does its thing just wasn’t possible being in San Francisco so much. Luckily, we are making friends in the area, and they are happy to help. I am thrilled; we have four sprinkler zones on the property now and set them to run for 8 minutes twice a week in sequence. Now, my magic oasis will stay an oasis all year long. I could cry with joy! Plus, now I can invest in planting additional ferns, flowers, and outdoor plants to transform the property into an even more magical garden. Oh, the possibilities.

Speaking of progress, I have been working super closely with Fireclay Tile. They have a fantastic program. If you purchase tile, you can pay a small fee to have your design rendered to help visualize how it will look in the space. Perfect for someone who needs some design help without all the cost of hiring a designer.

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So, I tried it out and, honestly, will do it again for clients. It’s so affordable! Remodeling a bathroom can be tricky. But it doesn’t have to be. Could you look at how gorgeous the cabin bathroom looks? How cool is the 80s-inspired evergreen tile? It was similar to the original but with my moody fingerprint.

I had to keep the original redwood paneling. I want graphic grout. I will tile the floor, too; I like the idea of the floors reflecting the light a bit. I am so stoked about this space. We are going with that mid-mod academia mood. The Campfire Friday the 13th sconces bring it all together. I’m counting down the days until I can soak in this bathtub with a good book. Let’s jump through some of the pieces in-case you want to grab them too.

Three Light Sconce

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First up, we will be using a couple of these three light sconces for above the medicine cabinets. We chose the brass finish and gloss green color combo with the painted cone frame. Such industrial vibes!

Black Medicine Cabinet

Screenshot 2024 04 13 At 1.08.04 Pm

This is my favorite medicine cabinet! It has a sleek modern design and plenty of storage space for your vanity needs. It’s the same one we have in our beautiful home bathroom.

Black Faucet

Screenshot 2024 04 13 At 1.10.35 Pm Edited

Next up, we will be using these beautiful matte black faucets from Industry West. These are the perfect accent pieces to match the vibe we want for our cabin bathroom: modern, sleek, and stunning.

Marble Double Vanity

Screenshot 2024 04 13 At 1.12.09 Pm Edited

More from Industry West– we will have this marble double vanity. It brings such a relaxing vibe to the space and will look so good with the medicine cabinets and black faucets.

Evergreen Tile

Screenshot 2024 04 13 At 1.15.04 Pm Edited

I am obsessed with these evergreen tiles from Fireclay. These come in 1×1 or 2×2 grids, which makes installation easy. We will go 2×2 for the later 70’s early 80’s vibe. the smaller scale feels a bit too modern than I want it. Plus they are slightly more affordable and a bit less noisy! Plus, the color is gorgeous, and the perfect backsplash for our cabin bathroom!

Matte Black Tissue Holder

Screenshot 2024 04 13 At 1.17.34 Pm

This matte black tissue holder is another accent piece that matches our cabin bathroom vibe. It’s sleek and has a minimalist design that is both functional and easy to install.

Hand Wash & Body Cleanser

Screenshot 2024 04 13 At 1.18.51 Pm Edited

Every bathroom needs a good hand wash & body cleanser– right? Aesop is always my go-to. It’s paraben, cruelty-free, and vegan. Plus, it comes in such a stunning container and smells so good!

White Bathtub

Screenshot 2024 04 13 At 1.21.42 Pm Edited

Next, we have this gorgeous white bathtub. It’s a simple and versatile design that complements the rest of the modern decor pieces in the cabin bathroom. I cannot wait to soak away the city stress in this tub!

Matte Black Shower Kit

Screenshot 2024 04 13 At 1.23.49 Pm Edited

Last piece (for now) is this matte black shower kit. Again, we are going for the sleek and modern accent pieces that all work together to for a modern and industrial vibe for the cabin bathroom – and this piece is exactly that!

Screenshot 2024 04 25 At 7.16.27 AM

Okay, what are your thoughts on our cabin bathroom design? Stay tuned for the updates and check out more mood boards on my blog here. Hope you all have a beautiful rest of your week! xoxo

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