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Spritz Veneziano - Sparkling Water

How to Make the Best Aperol Spritz Recipe

Summer months are perfect for chilling in your backyard or front porch with a few friends. The warm weather months, always remind me of this classic Italian cocktail when we visited Northern Italy way back in 2020. What better way to unwind and celebrate those great memories than with a good Aperol Spritz made with the main ingredients: Prosecco, Aperol, fragrant oranges, and a splash of soda water. Imagine the laughter, the stories, and the joy as you all sip on this delightful cocktail. 

Aperol Spritz pour

These simple ingredients combine to transport you like you are on the streets of Rome to make a great cocktail you’ll want to keep sipping long into the late afternoon – just like Italians do!  After all, if this easy cocktail, served over ice in a large wine glass is good enough for them it’s good enough for me. Plus, it’s literally the best Aperol brand recipe on the entire internet. Now, if we could just find a way to get whisked off to a small Italian town on the coast…Wouldn’t that be nice?

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This classic cocktail bubbly drink combines Aperol 75ml, club soda 50ml, and Prosecco 25ml and is typically served as an apéritif or an appetite-whetting cocktail that is meant to be consumed before dinner. But, I love my bright orange drink during happy hour all day long. Sorry, not sorry. I think this low alcohol content classic Italian Aperol spritz recipe continues to be (so) popular because it’s super easy to make. You can put together a glass in just 2 – 3 minutes. You heard that right! 2 – 3 minutes, and you’ve got yourself a thirst-quenching cocktail that won’t give you a hangover, plus is just a down right refreshing drink – now that’s my kind of alcoholic beverage!

Ingredients you will need for your Aperol Spritz

Aperol Spritz in glass

Have I got you excited about this Italian aperitif? Well, it only makes sense to tell you how to make a classic Aperol Spritz cocktail so that you get to enjoy it. Here is what you will need:

  • 3 parts of prosecco – a classic Aperol Spritz uses dry prosecco as the sparkling wine in the cocktail. 
  • 3 parts of Aperol liqueur – this Italian aperitif has a citrus-sweet flavor and is made using rhubarb that gives it a bright orange color. I always keep a bottle of Aperol on hand all year.
  • 1 part of club soda – to bring your cocktail together, you’ll need club soda. Not only does this lower the alcohol content of your drink, but it also creates some super fun bubbles. 
  • Orange slice for a traditional garnish – an orange slice is the common garnish used for a classic Aperol Spritz.  Don’t be afraid to use bitter oranges if yours aren’t ripe yet. A fresh orange slice works.
  • Ice cubes – you want to use large ice cubes in your Aperol Spritz, not the crushed ice commonly used in other drinks.  

Simple steps for how to make the classic Italian drink known as an Aperol Spritz

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Once you’ve organized your ingredients, making the cocktail is super easy.

  • First, fill a wine glass halfway through with ice cubes.
  • Then, add the 2 parts of Aperol to a tall glass.
  •  Proceed to add the 3 parts of prosecco to the wine glass.
  • Next, you need to add 1 part of club soda to your wine glass.
  • To finish the cocktail, garnish with a slice of orange.

It really is that simple! You don’t need any special bartending skills to create this cocktail, but you’ll be able to enjoy it to the fullest. A unique wine glass is perfect for serving this Italian summer cocktail.

Try it out and experience why it’s such a popular cocktail. Not into Aperol? Consider my favorite gin cocktail or even a cucumber gimlet. I love hearing from you all, so let me know your experience if you try this out. Find more delicious recipes and cocktails I love at the links here. Can’t wait to hear about what y’all think.

Commonly asked questions about the best way to make the Perfect Aperol Spritz recipe:

Aperol Spritz oranges

Commonly asked questions about the best way to make Aperol Spritz recipes:

What are Aperol Spritz Made of?

The perfect classic Aperol Spritz is made with a ratio of 3 parts Prosecco (75ml), 2 parts Aperol (50ml), and 1 part soda water (25ml) and served with small plates.

Is Aperol Spritz full of sugar?

It’s not a ton, but to be exact this bubbly cocktail contains 19g of sugar per serving. But this can fluctuate depending on if you mix it with Italian wine or tonic water, Prosecco, etc.

What does Aperol mix with?

Common pairings include; Prosecco, Grapefruit Soda, Vanilla Coke, and Ginger Beer.

Why does everyone in Italy drink Aperol Spritz?

This alcoholic drink is a classic  Italian aperitif, the original recipe was created in 1919 by bartender Raimondo Ricci and is popular in combating the heat and humidity of Italy’s summer months.

Campari vs Aperol

They’re both somewhat bitter, but Aperol is slightly less so and, therefore, a tad sweeter. Aperol is bright orange in color, and its flavor is described as spicy orange rhubarb. Campari Group Campari is red, and famous for its bitter-sweet taste.

What is the alcohol of Aperol?

11%. Although it tastes and smells much like Campari, Aperol has an alcohol content of 11%—less than half that of Campari. They have the same sugar content, and Aperol is less bitter in taste.

What is the main flavor of Aperol?

It’s citrusy with other fruits, flowers, and plants. Aperol combines into a citrusy aroma that has an herbal backbone. It tastes of orange zest with a bit of vanilla, and is much with a pleasant sweetness.

Why is Aperol Spritz so popular?

The beauty of the Aperol Spritz lies in the simplicity of its ingredients, which extract the quality of each native component. The foundation of this cocktail is Aperol from Padua, with Veneto’s adored Prosecco and chilled soda.

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Aperol Spritz

Summer months are perfect for chilling in your backyard with a few friends and a delicious Aperol Spritz. Here's the easy way to make one!
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 3 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine Italian


  • 75 ml Prosecco 2 parts
  • 50 ml Aperol 3 parts
  • 25 Mineral water 1 parts
  • Ice Fill glass half full
  • 1 Orange Diced into wheels to garnish


  • First, fill a wine glass halfway through with ice cubes.
  • Proceed to add the 3 parts of prosecco to the wine glass.
  • Add the 2 parts of Aperol to the glass.
  • Next, you need to add 1 part of club soda to your wine glass.
  • To finish the cocktail, garnish with a slice of orange wheel
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