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With so little time and so much to do on a day-to-day basis, it’s easy to fall into a monotonous routine when it comes to your morning regime. Oftentimes we just want to get through the start of our day quickly so we can dash off to work (or home office,) and start our tasks. Believe me, I used to be just like that too.

However, over the past few years I’ve realized that how we start our mornin’ absolutely sets the tone for the rest of your day, and I’ve found that incorporating certain habits into my daily routine helps make a difference in my mood, productivity, and overall happiness – yes happiness. The best part? These habits don’t even take up that much time. or require a ton of effort.

If you’re looking to improve your mornings and get motivated – take on the day at a time while trying these 8 simple tips to get your morning (and day) off right:


Make your bed

I’m serious Every single morning. I know, I know, but seriously this makes a huge difference. Making your bed as soon as you get up sets a productive tone for the rest of your day and helps to get you in the groove of things. Folding the sheets nicely and arranging your pillows is a quick routine that will make you feel like you’ve already accomplished something just minutes after waking up! I make my bed in less than five minutes. When you walk into a space and it feels primped and ready to go – it will motivate and inspire you. Remember, that your space influences your mood. Make your bed – and get an instant mood boost all day long.

Horse painting / Throw pillows / Bed frame  / Bedding set
Horse painting / Throw pillows / Bed frame / Bed Set


Enjoy the silence of mornings

As you’re going through your usual morning rituals like brushing your teeth or drinking your first cup of coffee, take a moment to enjoy the silence. Take a moment and ask yourself what kind of day you want to have. Then take meditative breaths in that thought and commit to it. It can be as simple as saying, “I’m gonna smile when I see that co-worker we don’t with see eye to eye with.” Or even committing to not reacting to something negative. You might have a hectic day ahead, but take these couple of minutes to commit to joy and enjoy the still of the morning – whatever that may be for you.

Firebowl / Thrifting tricks that work / Hang drapes like a pro
Firebowl / Thrifting tricks that work / Hang drapes like a pro

Get Ahead of It

How? Lay out your gym clothes the night before, pick out an outfit for the office. Do you make a coffee in the morning? Set out your favorite cup, even layout your breakfast so it’s east to grab and go in the fridge. By simply giving yourself an opportunity to get ahead of these tasks the night before when you are fresh and not waking ]up will make your morning so much faster (and easier.) Take some of the pressure off your morning by preparing what you can the night before – I promise it will help, and who knows it can even lead to a healthier you.

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Ignore your phone

Don’t pick up your phone first thing if you don’t have to. Not even a look. We’ve become so accustomed to reaching for our phones the moment we wake up, not realizing that this can actually kick stress hormones into our system when we read that stressful email from our boss. Wait until you are awake! There’s plenty of time to check your messages and reply to a client or friend once you have stretched, had some coffee and a bit to eat. You will be better equipped to tackle those matters afterwards – cross my heart.

Practice Positivity and gratitude

Please do this. Life is hard sometimes, I know. But, there is always joy. You have to find it for yourself my loves. Not in others. Set aside a few minutes each morning to think about things that you’re grateful for. It doesn’t have to be anything major, so don’t overthink it! You don’t have to write them down either. Just list them down in your mind and think about the things in your life that you’re currently thankful for. Sometimes I am thankful, for the sunshine, the health of my puppy (she’s 12) or a piece of cake for breakfast. Remember there is joy + beauty always. One more thing. Do yourself a favor and make sure you take a few seconds to look in the mirror and just smile at yourself. It may sound silly but trust me, it helps.

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Get in a stretch

I know this is the obvious one, work out or do yoga, but a simple stretch can be just as effective and is oh so helpful. I know we don’t all have time for a gym run but I do a 10 min yoga and stretch everyday. Certainly you are worth 10 minutes right? Check out my favorite 10 minute stretch on YouTube here. I always feel instantly refreshed after this – and no matter what happens for the rest of the day I got this in for my well being. That just feels right, always.

Again, I’m not talking about anything strenuous. Just do a couple of basic neck, arm and leg stretches to help your body wake up and work the kinks out of a long night of rest. Think of stretching as your body’s way of preparing for the day’s battle.


Pay attention to every day joys
Whether it’s the comfort of taking a warm shower or coming to life after taking that first sip of coffee, try to notice the simple things that bring you joy and be extra thankful for them. It’s easy to overlook the basic parts of our routine when you’ve been doing them for so long, but being newly appreciative of simple delights will bring more positivity into your day and, in the long run, your life.

Drink lots of water

I know this is such an overused piece of advice but it really helps! Hydrating in the morning with a glass of water is the healthiest and easiest way to properly kickstart your day. Throw in some lemon if ya want a boost to your metabolism if you are watching your figure. it’s fun in hot water too. Plus, having lots of water first thing in the morning invigorates you when you’re feeling sluggish or groggy. It will wake ya up in a jiff. Then, keep the good habit going – drink water all day long your skin, brain, and body will thank you for it. When all else fails, drink water!

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If you haven’t been doing some (or all) of these things in the morning, now’s the time to start! There’s nothing like starting the day off right with a few positive moments will that help you feel great about yourself and ready to tackle whatever it is you have scheduled for the rest of the day. Remember we may not always have control over how our day goes but we can certainly control how we react and begin it. Let’s make sure we give ourselves the best opportunity to shine. You deserve it. Xoxo

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