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Nothing Ordinary About It

Okay, I am officially at the point where I have to order my final lighting selection for the cabin bathroom. I have been going back and forth for months and have narrowed it down to three options.

Cavbin B Athroom Tape Edited Scaled

Taping out the layout of the vanity and medicine cabinets (they will be recessed into the wall and flush) made it clear to me in a way that the renderings couldn’t tell me that we only need two sconces – one above each of the medicine cabinets. Initially, we could do three totals with one on either side in the middle at or slightly above eye level.

Cabin Bathroom Tape2 Edited Scaled

I ruled that out quickly after seeing the vanity’s length. With the space left after installing both medicine cabinets, it would just look too crowded. Plus, the ceilings are pretty high, so there is plenty above each, which makes a wow moment. While we are at it, I love the wooden beam ceiling. I literally couldn’t have paid for a cooler detail. I’m so glad I get to restore it. Screams!

Okay, so here are my new top three contenders after changing my mind like three different times. I am digging the Marie Sconce. The elongated gently curving goose neck is a fun twist on a traditional goose neck lamp. I love the overly exposed pearl orb too. I feel like each sink will feel like a moment with these above them. They come in at $515 ea ch – I know, not cheap. I would consider these in matte black to align with the rest of the hardware, including these faucets.

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The pearl flush mount is also a slightly more modern and unassuming approach. These will go fabulous with the rest of the hardware and provide a warm, gentle light without being too fussy. They are slightly more affordable also in Matte Black at $399 each. So that’s always nice.

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Lastly, and more of a statement, is the Ripple at $400 each in matte black or a fun turmeric color to add some flare to the space. The whimsy of the mushroom shape for a cabin has been totally intriguing. Can these little mushroom sconces grow on the wall above the medicine cabinets? I love to make a statement that leaves people thinking in each room I do – I feel like these would do that without feeling too gimmicky. I love the thought of these in numeric for a punch of color to juxtapose the green tile too.

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So clearly, lots to decide. Do you have a favorite? Please let me know your thoughts. The fun stuff is finally happening in this renovation!

On a different note, I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for easy and delicious dinner recipes. One of my favorite hearty dinner recipes is a lasagne. It’s such a great dish, but it can be so time-consuming. Luckily, I am sharing three of my favorite no-boil and no-bake recipes for lasagne. They are quick, easy, and so freaking delicious! Check out more of my favorite recipes here.

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One of my favorite features in my home is our brunch banquette. I wanted my dining space to feel like a restaurant experience every day and let me tell you, there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal in a dining room that you love. I found this moody dining nook that I am absolutely obsessed with. The tricorn black paint, the gold accents, and the warm touches all work together seamlessly for a perfect blend of dark elegance and cozy intimacy. Let’s jump into the mood board I created!

Brass Chandelier

Screenshot 2024 06 03 At 5.16.45 Pm Edited

First, I found this gorgeous brass chandelier. Brass has a warm, golden hue that contrasts beautifully with moody dark wall colors. This contrast can make the chandelier a focal point, adding visual interest and depth to the moody dining nook.

Fabric Window Shade

Screenshot 2024 06 03 At 5.20.05 Pm Edited

Next, I found this fabric window shade. The balance that is created between the strong metal accents and the gentle fabric can create a more harmonious and welcoming space. The perfect vibe for your morning iced coffee.

Framed Landscape

Screenshot 2024 06 03 At 5.21.56 Pm Edited

Every moody dining nook needs wall decor. This framed landscape piece breaks up the solid expanse of dark walls and adds a dynamic element to the space. Check out more framed art pieces here.

Tricorn Black Paint

136Home 3 1

By now, you probably have heard about my obsession with Tricorn Black Paint. It’s the perfect paint color if you’re trying to achieve this moody dining nook vibe. It’s classy and timeless – I promise you won’t regret it.

Black Bistro Table

Screenshot 2024 06 03 At 5.25.59 Pm Edited

This black bistro table is perfect for a small moody dining nook. There’s an added layer of intimacy that comes with a smaller table. Check out more bistro tables here.

Dining Chair

Screenshot 2024 06 03 At 5.29.53 Pm Edited

Next, I found the perfect dining chair to match the intimacy of the black bistro table. This chair adds style, a touch of texture, and a casual comfort to the moody dining nook.

Checkered Rug

Screenshot 2024 06 03 At 5.31.32 Pm Edited

I love an area rug that makes a statement and this checkered area rug is the perfect piece for this moody dining nook. It’s bold pattern matches the dark wall colors and warm accents. Don’t forget this guide on how to easily clean your area rugs!

Black Candlestick

Screenshot 2024 06 03 At 5.33.28 Pm Edited

Every moody dining nook needs some mood lighting and these black candlesticks make the perfect centerpiece for your table. These candlesticks have a simple yet sleek design- here are more candlesticks to check out!

Floral Throw Pillow

Screenshot 2024 06 03 At 5.35.11 Pm Edited

Last, I found this floral throw pillow to add to your seating for another layer of texture and color. This is the perfect addition to any banquette seating and a great cozy touch for you moody dining nook.

Screenshot 2024 06 03 At 5.38.47 Pm Edited

What do you think about this moody dining nook? Make sure you check out last week’s design Zen Den Delight and more mood boards on my blog here. Hope you all have a beautiful rest of your week! xoxo

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