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Beautiful Backyard Patio Ideas to Enhance Your Small Space

As y’all know, we’ve been doing a lot to our cabin lately. Inside and out, there are just so many things I want to elevate into the perfect mid-mod academia escape. Don’t get me wrong – the cabin is truly amazing already, but I’m after making it me! Lately, I’ve been focusing on different backyard patio ideas I could implement before the warm summer months roll around, and—thanks to my friends @industrywest—I’ve been able to come up with a great new patio area to sip coffee and read my book under the redwood trees.

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Furnishing a patio is a great way to turn a relatively plain location into an inviting usable outdoor living space. The cabin has a deck slash porch that wraps around half of it. The other half needs to be completed – just add it to the list.  However, it’s not exactly a small space either so it needs intentional zoning.

So I decorated my small patio deck with purpose, turning a once plain area into the perfect spot thanks to these amazing and affordable patio pieces from Industry West.

Backyard Patio Ideas With Purpose

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Exactly how you decorate your patio doesn’t have to be identical to mine, though. The most important thing to keep in mind is this question: what do you want to use this area for?

For me, I wanted to turn it into a great place for reading and relaxing with my favorite books. For you, an outdoor kitchen, an entertainment area with fun accents, or even a garden might be a better use of the space.

Ultimately, what you decide to use the area for will dictate the items you’ll need to pick up. Alright, on to the items I picked out for my patio.

Chatham Patio Table

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I began my patio furniture setup by focusing on the table. I like the look of a glass table, but glass almost always needs to be cleaned a lot. Since I wanted something that looked modern and wouldn’t require much maintenance, I ended up picking out the Chatham Patio Table. It’s great with vintage finds as well.

You’ll have plenty of options when searching for outdoor furniture. Heck, you could even consider using coffee tables instead. Just make sure that the table you choose is the right height for the seats you go with. Although both are important, function is more important than form in this case.

Hudson Chair

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I wanted something simple yet elegant to go with my patio table. True, my primary reason for creating this simple patio setup was for reading, but I wanted to be able to eat as well. Who doesn’t love an afternoon snack?

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Fortunately, the Hudson Chair fits perfectly into my backyard patio ideas. It’s streamlined, with gentle curves with tons of visual appeal, and is a comfortable chair, even after hours or eating.

Of course, you can always add a cushion or two for extra comfort.

Mulholland Dining Chair

Mulholland Dining Chair

Don’t forget, I love Industry West Chairs. I have the Mulholland Dining Chair in my banquette and it’s a total knockout. The reality is all the chairs and items I have procured from Industry West are top-notch! I know you will love them too. In fact, on a nice day, I will mix the Mulholland and the Hudson at my table for a curated look.

Table - Dining room

Your backyard patio ideas don’t necessarily need two types of seating, but I don’t like to limit my options when it comes to my seating areas. I want the perfect tool for the job, every time! Between this chair and the other, I think I’ve curated a nice balance of back support, comfort, and character.

Avana Chevron Cushion Set

Avana Chevron Cushion Set

Want to soften the mood? That’s where the Avana Chevron Cushion Set can come in handy. A cozy country escape simply isn’t complete without the right creature comforts, but with these cushions, you’ll instantly feel right at home. I love a soft throw on my patio and of course my couch too. I just love the earthy vibe of these.

Leather Carafe

Leather Carafe

Life at the cottage requires quite a bit of routine upkeep. From mowing the lawn to tending all my plants, I can work up quite a sweat throughout the day. Fortunately, I can take a break whenever I need to, but I figured I’d do one better.

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Why not combine my love for all things decor—in this case, patio decor—with my need to rehydrate? Well, that’s where this Leather Carafe comes in. It’s such a treat to pour yourself a cup of water in this carafe after a stint in the yard. I even use it as a vase for a level-up.

Made of glass and wrapped in leather, it adds a nice “premium” feel to my patio while perfectly complementing my aesthetic! We all I love that.

Staggered Planter

Staggered Planter

If you’ve seen any of my previous posts about the cabin then you already know that I have quite a few plants around the outdoor area. Still, you just had to know that my outdoor patio ideas would include more plants.

I ended up using this Staggered Planter to bring my backyard patio ideas to life. It holds three plants, spaced out and at different heights, which helps the bright color of the plants pop. I love to swap plants out as needed.

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Alternatively, lacking space? You might want to consider a vertical garden instead. They’re the perfect way to maximize your plant life with a minimal amount of required space.

Curate the Perfect Accessories for Your Backyard Patio Ideas

patio design ideas

Okay, so I’ve shown you my patio design ideas, given you a few different ideas on what you can do with the space, and even thrown in a few pointers along the way. What’s next? Well, after you get the basics down you can move on to additions and accessories!

Additions would be major enhancements to the area, such as installing a hot tub, a water feature, or an outdoor fireplace. If you live in an area that gets poor weather frequently, you might want to even consider building a covered patio. This essentially gives you an outdoor living room, which could be a godsend when it’s raining.

Of course, it’s not always “go big or go home”. Sometimes, the smaller details will make all the difference. Additions like string lights, a staghorn fern, or even a few wind chimes can add a lot of character to your patio without taking up a lot of space. 

Don’t be afraid to get a bit creative when trying to perfect your backyard patio ideas, but don’t be completely focused on getting it right the first time. You can always make changes later on.

Ready to Redo Your Patio?

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Whether you want to make an enclosed outdoor room, the perfect place for a campfire, or just have a dedicated space to relax with a good book, utilizing your patio space is easily one of the best ways to make things happen!

I highly recommend checking out some of the products from #ZioXIndustryWest, as well as shopping around a bit for unique items you can use to personalize your patio space. If—like me—you love spending time outside then it’s sure to be an area that you’ll enjoy using for years to come.

Loved these backyard patio ideas but ran out of space? Check out my backyard ideas article for more inspiration!

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