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Dec 22

A Cozy Country Escape

Hey ya’ll! How’s your week shaping up? It’s crazy to think that Christmas is already here. Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, so I’ve been taking it easy and diving into some computer work. The rainy weather in San Francisco has created the perfect backdrop for a low-key vibe. Despite being indoors, I’ve been making good progress on the cabin project, and things are starting to come together. It’s funny how even when you’re laying low, there’s always room for a bit of accomplishment!

IMG 6171 2 Edited

Despite the pouring rain at the cabin, we had the team from Weeks Drilling & Pump out to install the UV filter and pump in our shed. Our well, is solid 14 feet deep, feeds into the pump house, and we’re adding a booster pump at the UV filter for an extra kick. Our general contractor and electrician worked their magic, trenching all the electrical from our new panel at the house to the shed. It’s a full-on process, but it’s incredible to see everything falling into place. Progress is happening and it feels so good. Catch up on the latest here.

Speaking of making moves, have ya’ll heard about this 9 month cruise by Royal Caribbean? It goes all around the world and I can’t figure out if it would be an epic vacation or a claustrophobic nightmare. It’s been blowing up on my TikTok feed, and the drama is already next-level. Seriously, I wish Bravo had a crew on board filming the whole thing – it’s that juicy. From what I’ve seen, it’s like a real-life soap opera unfolding at sea.

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Okay, have a look at this handsome bedroom design I found from Heckfield Home in the UK. It’s giving off major English countryside vibes with a splash of farmhouse charm. The neutral tones create a calm backdrop and let the vintage elements and rustic details do their thing without getting too chaotic. The historic feel is on point – it’s like the room has this lived-in elegance. It’s a design that effortlessly brings together the best of the old-school with a touch of modern comfort- let’s jump into the mood board!

Black Single Pendant

Screenshot 2023 12 21 At 10.05.41 Am Edited

First off, we have this gorgeous black single pendant light. It casts this cozy glow, making everything feel chill while giving a cool modern vibe. Plus, it’s like this sleek touch that stands out, especially against lighter colors. Trust me- pendant lights are a must!

Vintage Framed Portrait

Screenshot 2023 12 21 At 10.11.51 Am Edited

Next, we have this vintage framed portrait that I am obsessed with. With its old-school vibes, it effortlessly blends with the room’s aesthetic, making it feel like a curated space with a touch of history right at the center. Check out more framed art here!

Retro Floor Lamp

Screenshot 2023 12 21 At 10.14.54 Am 1 Edited 1

This retro floor lamp has a vintage feel that adds a touch of yesteryear charm to the bedroom design and contributes to the overall handsome vibe of the space. This is the perfect piece to make your bedroom feel like an countryside hotel room.

Wingback Bed Frame

Screenshot 2023 12 21 At 10.20.01 Am Edited

Okay, this wingback bed frame might be my favorite piece that I found for this bedroom design. The sleek lines and rich color create this inviting focal point, making it more than just a bed – it’s a style statement. If I’m not going to have a four poster bed frame, I will take this one!

Contemporary Area Rug

Screenshot 2023 12 21 At 10.24.27 Am Edited

Next, we have this stunning contemporary area rug. The neutral tone is like giving the room an instant style hug – It doesn’t just cover the floor; it ties everything together. Click here to learn about how to choose a rug for under your bed.

Braided Storage Basket

Screenshot 2023 12 21 At 10.32.40 Am Edited

This braided storage basket is akin to incorporating a practical yet stylish storage solution to your bedroom design. The artful braided texture not only adds a rustic touch but also brings a visually appealing element to the storage game!

Wool Blanket

Screenshot 2023 12 21 At 10.35.56 Am Edited

Check out this wool blanket – it’s an instant invitation to comfort in your bedroom design. Whether neatly stored or casually laid on your bed, its woolly texture promises an extra layer of coziness. Add some of my favorite bedding finds to complete your throne!

Throw Pillow Cover

Screenshot 2023 12 21 At 10.39.04 Am Edited

Next, we have this classic throw pillow cover for your bed or side chair. It’s the kind of pillow cover that brings harmony to the room, making it feel cohesive and casually cool. Check out more throw pillows for your space here!

Olive Arm Chair

Screenshot 2023 12 21 At 10.41.48 Am

This olive arm chair is casual and handsome – I love it! The olive hue adds a touch of earthy calm, while the chunky design promises comfort and a relaxed vibe. Don’t you just want to curl up here with a good book and a cocktail?

Pine Long Bench


Throwing in a pine long bench at the foot of the bed is like bringing in a slice of nature to the bedroom design. It’s not just there for show; it’s the kind of bench you can throw your clothes on or sit down to put on your shoes. This is the perfect piece to add a little rustic charm in your home.

M019a Signature Featured 01 Long Room Edited
Bedroom Design from Heckfield Place

What are your thoughts on this new bedroom design? I’m always thrilled to dive into the details of the cozy inspiration and bring you more inviting spaces! Check out additional mood boards on my blog here. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas filled with comfort and style – xoxo.

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