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Blinds or Drapes?

Have you ever gone back and forth on a decision so many times in your head, like over 100, only to end up with your initial gut decision?

That’s the tale of these bistro blinds. I can’t tell you how many times I talked myself out of the decision. I guess, I thought that blinds were all those metal ones that make a ton of noise. And, don’t get me wrong. I have had those and they make sense in certain design scenarios, it’s just that in my space they wouldn’t have added to the design story of my kitchen. In addition, our kitchen banquette wasn’t gonna be brought down by such a design choice

The real decision was to do we wanted drapes or do we want blinds. Naturally, I gravitate towards drapes as a rule of thumb for all my rooms. But, the kitchen, introduced some challenges from both a design and function standpoint that weren’t going to make that decision an obvious one.

First, our banquette eats ever so slightly into the slider that leads out onto our deck. As such the way we would want to hang the drapes, with a curtain rod extending at least 6” to 12” over the frame wouldn’t have worked. We would have had drape in our laps while we ate our morning Cinnamon + Sugar toast, and we can’t have that now, can we?

Also, on the other side of that, is our microwave, which is recessed into our lower cabinets. We would be opening that microwave right into the drapes, also on that wall is our light switch. We didn’t want to cover that as we use it all the time. I didn’t even mention that it’s right next to the stove too. Can we say possible fire hazard?

So, in this particular case blinds won and boy, am I over the moon with how they turned out. They, provide the perfect amount of light filtering while still looking smart.⁠ Sometimes function wins guys! Even at 136hom

It’s worth mentioning that we went with matte black wood blinds from @theshadestore, refusing to use metal or plastic. The cording and pulls also have a black finish and we think they integrate into the design ever so seamlessly.

But that doesn’t mean that drapes can‘t be a great option for you in your home. If you’re thinking about drapes or blinds in your space here are some things to consider before you make the final decision:

  • Drapes as a rule of thumb tend to be more expensive than blinds. Of course, there are exceptions to each. Just keep that in mind as you start to plan your budget.
  • Blinds are generally easier to clean and work better in rooms where moisture or smoke/steam is present.
  • Blinds tend to be generally better at providing more privacy.
  • Drapes tend to infuse more character and charm into space. They often help soften the appearance of a room and elevate a space. You will also want or need a rod and rings in many instances. Plan the budget accordingly.
  • Drapes can help with keeping the heat in or out of a space that has temperature fluctuations saving on the power bill.
  • Blinds There are often more cords and many times need a valance on top. Just make sure your space is suitable for dangling cords and a top-mounted valance.
  • Drapes tend to absorb moisture and odors. Be careful where you hang them and plan to steam clean every now and again as needed.
  • Drapes tend to offer many more options to elevate your design with splashes of color and the introduction of texture. In our case, it was lux linen. Drapes almost always look stunning in any room.

In the end, there really isn’t a right or wrong answer here. You will want to look at the space and first make sure adding a window treatment is needed. Sometimes you don’t need a thing, and that’s okay too. If you do decide that functionally one decision works better for you than the other go for it! Trust your gut. You got this. When in doubt shoot me a DM on Instagram.

The other important thing to know is that you don’t have to do just one or the other. Our home has both drapes and curtains. Check our lux linen fabric drapes in both my living room and bedroom. I am obsessed with them and they look amazing. The good news is that I am equally obsessed with these bistro blinds and they all play well together perfectly. It just took a bit of pondering about which option was going to look and function best by space.

For more DIY, tips, and design inspiration be sure to check us out on Instagram and leave a comment below.

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