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Jan 5

Modernly Charming

Hey, ya’ll! Happy New Year. I can’t believe it. I’m off with a big, but still fighting this terrible cold. Anyone else? I have been devouring lots of my delicious candied oatmeal, while resting in bed, sourcing for the cabin. It’s super fast to make and satisfies all year round.


Speaking of the cabin, my main focus has been focused on the kitchen now that I have a solid direction for the loft bedroom design. I’m crushing hard on soapstone countertops.

Screenshot 2023 12 27 At 9.43.49 AM
IMG 0397

I firmly believe in putting the budget where it counts, and for me, it’s all about those kitchen counters. I love to save money on kitchen designs by resurfacing the cabinets with your favorite color. If you’re diving into a kitchen reno soon, check out these handy tips on where I think best to splurge and when to save during renovation without compromising style.

Worktop - Kitchen

While we are on all things kitchens, I spent a ton – yes ton of time researching and confirming the latest electrical codes in CA (and beyond) for kitchen remodels. It had been a while since my last kitchen remodel and the codes change every three years or so. Be sure to peep my overview of kitchen electrical requirements you are def. gonna want to know before diving in. I promise this will save you time and heartache. I love ya too much not to share.

Image 1

Finally, I had to share! My bathroom vanity is finally back in stock. You guys love it and it hasn’t been in stock for years. So hurry here to grab it. I love the clean lines and modern yet classic vibe that fits in almost any design aesthetic. Doesn’t she look like a million bucks?

Bathroom - Interior design

Okay, you know how much I’ve been loving sharing design mood boards with ya’ll. I stumbled upon this farmhouse bathroom design that’s just too good not to share. Picture this: a cozy bathroom where a stylish clawfoot bathtub (I’m obsessed) steals the show, effortlessly blending chic vibes with practical comfort. The place feels like a warm hug, striking that perfect balance between lived-in charm and modern elegance. I found some pieces that match the vibe – let’s jump in!

Gold Light Pendant

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 4.39.25 Pm Edited

First up, I found this gorgeous gold light pendant – a striking geometric lantern-style light in a sophisticated gold finish. It’s the perfect piece to start off the chic farmhouse bathroom vibe. Check out more light fixtures here!

Framed Owl Print

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 4.41.40 Pm

This framed owl print that not only adds a captivating touch of the wild but also brings a calming presence to the space. There’s something magical about having art on the wall, especially in the bathroom – you could even add it to a gallery wall!

Nutmeg Storage Cabinet

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 4.43.16 Pm

Next up, we have this nutmeg storage cabinet. With its warm nutmeg hue, it effortlessly layers a touch of tradition into the space. It’s truly the perfect farmhouse bathroom storage!

Window Curtain Rod

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 4.46.50 Pm Edited

Check out this window curtain rod that’s easy to install and a chic accent to add to your farmhouse bathroom. This simple addition effortlessly combines versatility and modern sophistication and makes it so easy for you to switch out different curtains when you’re needing a refresh.

Tier Style Curtains

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 4.49.23 Pm Edited

If you’re looking for bathroom curtains, I found the most beautiful tier style curtains here. They add just the right touch of simplicity and charm to the bathroom space – especially when hung on the window curtain rod.

Clawfoot Bathtub

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 4.53.17 Pm

Okay, I’m obsessed with this clawfoot bathtub. It adds the perfect vintage style to the farmhouse bathroom design. Don’t you just want to relax in this tub with a good book and a big glass of wine?!

Storage Baskets

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 4.56.03 Pm Edited

Okay, let’s talk about these storage baskets. These thoughtfully selected baskets seamlessly blend utility with style, offering a refined solution for decluttering while enhancing the overall aesthetic with the farmhouse bathroom design.

Wool Area Rug

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 4.58.27 Pm Edited

Next, we have this wool area rug that perfectly complements the nutmeg storage cabinet’s color palette. It’s more than just a rug; it’s a tactile and aesthetic choice that elevates the entire space, bringing comfort and style into perfect harmony.

Faux White Flowers

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 5.01.41 Pm Edited

Check out these faux white flowers. These blossoms add a touch of prettiness to any room (especially a farmhouse bathroom!), offering a perennial burst of freshness without the need for watering. Not into the florals? Try adding a plant!

Tall Brass Vase

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 5.04.13 Pm

Adding this tall brass vase isn’t just adding a gold accent, it’s adding a statement piece. It’s the perfect place to display your faux florals or any dried branch.

Teak Wood Caddy

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 5.06.52 Pm Edited

Last, we have this stunning teak wood bath caddy. There’s nothing like relaxing in your clawfoot bathtub and having a place to rest your cocktail & book. It has a rustic and simple look to it – perfecting the overall farmhouse bathroom vibe.

Screenshot 2024 01 03 At 5.12.31 Pm Edited

Okay, what are your thoughts on this farmhouse bathroom design? Is anyone else going t

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