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Some Birthday Musings

You guys, I am about to have another 21st birthday! As you read this, I am headed to Los Angeles to celebrate, and you bet it’s gonna be filled with tons of iced coffee, excellent meals, and a stay at one of my favorite interior designer hotels – the Proper Hotel in DTLA, designed by Kelly Wrearstler. I am so excited, and I have always wanted to stay here. The design is beyond, and the rooftop bar is supposed to be epic. Y’all know I love my San Francisco Rooftop bar and restaurants. Keep an eye on stories for updates all week, and thanks for being here!

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I also plan to visit many fantastic home decor and design spots. Courtesy of the best stylist ever, Brady Tolbert. Check out his work! He knows all the best spots in LA and shared his curated list with me. You don’t want to miss this.

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Not enough? We’re hitting up the Getty Museum, too. Can you believe I have lived in CA my whole life and never been? Locals know this is a must-see. Better late than never, I always say.

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Also, while I thought we were through the rain on the water remediation, we had to go another round. I am beside myself. But I do want to share the news. So, while I am aching for the fun part, we have to pause and address this adequately. I have my fingers crossed, but I am worried or half anticipating this might balloon into a much larger project than anticipated. Has anyone else been through this? Send hugs, stat. Meanwhile, I am going to keep sourcing and remembering the vision.

Random note. Has anyone else been having a pancake craving lately?! There’s nothing like a rainy Sunday morning staying at home with some pancakes and an iced coffee to keep you company. I made these copycat McDonald’s pancakes and the recipe is getting a ton of buzz online so I wanted to make sure y’all saw it. I promise you they do not disappoint. Plus they’re beyond easy to make, are super fluffy, and they’re the perfect breakfast recipe to keep your whole household happy. You can even freeze them for later. Maybe even dinner? I won’t judge!

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Now, onto the design. I found this traditional dining room design that is just stunning and I had to create a mood board for you all. It has a a captivating fusion of modern and traditional elements that creates an atmosphere that is both moody and inviting. Also, I’m obsessed with the wood fireplace – can’t you just imagine the mantel decor pieces that could work there? The spring florals in this space add a dreamy allure and bring together the cozy luxury of the room. Let’s jump into the pieces I found!

Modern Globe Chandelier

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First up, I found this modern globe chandelier. This piece adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to the traditional dining room space, enhancing the overall ambiance and mood of the room. Check out more chandelier options here!

Matte Black Mirror

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This matte black mirror is the perfect piece for a fireplace mantel. This piece can easily adapt to changes in decor and serve as a timeless accent piece that transcends trends – so you can keep this piece long term.

Faux White Hydrangeas

Screenshot 2024 02 28 At 9.14.49 Am Edited

Next, we have these gorgeous faux hydrangeas. Whether adorning a formal dining table or accentuating a casual breakfast nook, hydrangeas add a touch of sophistication and refinement to the dining room, creating an inviting and memorable setting for meals and celebrations.

Acacia Dining Table

Screenshot 2024 02 28 At 9.15.03 Am Edited

This acacia dining table is the perfect center piece for a traditional dining room design. An acacia dining table brings a touch of rustic elegance to the dining room and the warm hues and rich tone adds to the moody vibe of the space.

Vintage Area Rug

Screenshot 2024 02 28 At 9.18.25 Am Edited

Next is this vintage area rug that will infuse your traditional dining room design with character and personality. I have so many tips & tricks for choosing the perfect area rug for your space – check them out here!

Glass Table Vase

Screenshot 2024 02 28 At 9.18.36 Am Edited

This glass table vase makes the perfect center piece for your dining table. These vases are so unique and the black metal frame fits seamlessly together with the rest of the accents in this space.

Faux Leather Chairs

Screenshot 2024 02 28 At 9.18.53 Am Edited

These faux leather dining chairs add warmth and texture to the dining room design. The natural tones of leather complement a variety of decor styles and give an extra dimension to the space.

Terracotta Vase

Screenshot 2024 02 28 At 9.19.10 Am Edited

This terracotta vase is just stunning. The blue color is gorgeous and gives a pop of color to this moody room. It’s the perfect piece for your fireplace mantel or any shelf that needs a home accent.

Faux Cherry Blossom

Screenshot 2024 02 28 At 9.19.19 Am Edited

Next, we have these beautiful faux cherry blossoms. Picture these florals in that terracotta vase – chef’s kiss! Their gentle petals and graceful branches imbue the room with a touch of tranquility, creating a more inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Solid Wood Fireplace

Screenshot 2024 02 28 At 9.19.36 Am Edited

Last is this solid wood fireplace. If you don’t have a fireplace in your traditional dining room design, this is the perfect option if you’re wanting that warmth, comfort, and character.

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What do you think about this dining room space? I cannot wait to continue down my Pinterest rabbit hole and share more design space with you! Check out more mood boards on my blog here. Hope you all have a beautiful rest of your week! xoxo

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