My Top 16 Affordable Amazon Art Pieces

April 13

A Hideaway Haven

You guys, I have been running around crazy all week at work. While in LA on business, I started the second season of Buying Beverly Hills. Is anyone else watching? I really want to know what happened with Kyle and Mo. Honestly, I think Selling Sunset is better. It’s like eating an entire box of Oreos at once. It’s way too sweet, but you can’t stop. I’m curious if anyone else is watching. On that note, the real fun has been watching X-Men 97. I loved the cartoon as a kid, running around pretending I was Storm in the rain. It’s so nostalgic. If you loved the cartoon as a kid, you have to check it out!

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Speaking of nostalgia and Mac n cheese. I don’t know about you, but all that wild eclipse energy makes me want to hunker down with some comfort food. I am so obsessed with this easy smoked macaroni and cheese – it’s a favorite in our household! I received it from a beloved coworker who crafted it years ago, and since then, I’ve been making it regularly, especially when I need something extra cheesy and comforting. Check out more of my favorite food recipes here, and if you really want to be mind-blown, listen up. You can buy the blue box of Mac and cheese powder in bulk. Yes! like the blue box kind. I shared it in my instastories last week, and y’all went bananas, I mean cheesy. Keep this bulk cheese powder on hand for a nostalgic good time.

Smoked Mac And Cheese Square 1

If you’re all about sinking into a plush armchair with a captivating read and a well-crafted cocktail, then you’re in for a treat with this cozy reading nook design. This cottage living room nook by Making It In The Mountains is a harmonious blend of rustic charm and mid-century modern allure. The warm wood accents, vintage-inspired furniture, and touch of sleek sophistication come together to create the most stunning cozy corner. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and let’s jump in to the pieces I found!

Moody Wall Art

Screenshot 2024 04 10 At 5.31.34 Pm Edited

First up, we have this moody wall art. Moody artwork sets the tone and enhances the ambiance of the cozy reading nook, creating an intimate and inviting atmosphere perfect for relaxation and contemplation. Also- this piece is perfect for a gallery wall!

Antique Brass Floor Lamp

Screenshot 2024 04 10 At 5.32.17 Pm Edited

Every cozy reading nook needs a reading light- and this antique brass floor lamp is a winner. This floor lamp gives a a sense of refined charm to the space that perfectly complements the rustic yet stylish aesthetic of the overall design.

Artificial Leaf Branch

Screenshot 2024 04 10 At 5.32.28 Pm Edited

Next, we have this artificial leaf branch. This piece brings a touch of nature indoors, infusing the cozy reading nook with the organic beauty of lush foliage without the maintenance requirements of live plants.

Terracotta Vase

Screenshot 2024 04 10 At 5.32.41 Pm

This terracotta vase is the perfect vessel for your branches and florals. The warm, reddish-brown color of terracotta blends well with the natural tones in this design, bringing everything together in a cohesive look.

Small Black Cloche

Screenshot 2024 04 10 At 5.32.56 Pm Edited

This small black cloche for matches is such a vibe. Its classic design adds a touch of timeless sophistication to the cozy reading nook. Imagine lighting a match from this piece and chucking it in the fireplace for a cozy night in – what a dream.

Teak Wood Stool

Screenshot 2024 04 10 At 5.33.11 Pm

Next, we have this teak wood stool. Incorporating this piece into your cozy reading nook introduces another layer of texture that balances the soft fabrics and smooth surfaces with the tactile appeal of natural wood. Also great for placing your delicious cocktails on!

Jute Area Rug

Screenshot 2024 04 10 At 5.33.23 Pm Edited

A jute area rug provides a versatile and neutral foundation for the space that allows it to effortlessly blend with various decor styles and color schemes while tying together different design elements. Here are some tips on how to find the best rug for your hardwood floors!

Mid-Century Modern Chair

Screenshot 2024 04 10 At 5.33.39 Pm

Next, we have this mid-century modern chair. This chair features an iconic design that is characterized by clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. The perfect side chair for your cozy reading nook design.

Plaid Throw Blanket

Screenshot 2024 04 10 At 5.34.06 Pm Edited

Last, we have this plaid throw blanket. Plaid is a timeless pattern that exudes traditional charm and rustic elegance- the perfect touch of heritage and nostalgia to the cozy reading nook that complements the cabin ambiance.

Screenshot 2024 04 10 At 5.38.13 Pm Edited

What do you think about this cozy reading nook design by Making It In The Mountains? The cabin is coming along in exciting ways and I cannot wait to share more design inspiration with you. Check out more mood boards on my blog here. Hope you all have a beautiful rest of your week! xoxo

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