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Modern Dark Delights

Guys, the remediation is finally complete. I know, like most projects in home renovation, it was supposed to take just two weeks, but it took almost five. Always double any quote you get. The good news? We got a ton of the demo work out of the way that I would have to do in literally every room, minus the loft bedroom. I can’t wait for the rose garden to start blooming agin. Remember this view?

Rose Garden Cabin

We will get to that space – eventually. I’m laughing out loud that we were going to start there, and now it looks like it will be the last space we get to. I like to start with the bathroom, then the kitchen, for some obvious comfort reasons. Ya gotta roll with the punches, guys.

That being said, we also got our generator delivered! I know it’s not the most exciting upgrade, but we lose power in the remote area where the cabin is built for up to ten days at a time. Right in the middle of remediation, we had a massive storm that caused us to lose power for seven days just two weeks ago. Investing in a backup generator and installing a propane tank to power it was prudent. Yes, it’s a significant investment in the budget, but what’s the point of a designer kitchen if you can’t cook in it for weeks?

Guardian 14kw Ts768 1

Also, one design detail I am settled on is adding a tiny shelf to the kitchen backsplash that is skinny enough for my favorite salt and pepper mills, spices, and a propagation vase while cooking.

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My idea is to have the floating shelf be the same material as the counters and backsplash. Above this will be the redwood paneling to soften the more modern approach. Sorta like the below, just not a double.

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As we focus on the not so fun stuff, it’s these little design details that keep me energized and turn an average design to exceptional – one detail at a time. Try to think about a few wow moments in each room, guys. It makes all the difference.

Ok, subject change: if you’ve been following me for a while now, you probably know I take my role as a dog and plant dad seriously. As such, I created a list of the best indoor hanging plants that are safe for cats and dogs. This post also shares the benefits of hanging plants for your health and aesthetics, along with a listing of some of my favorites for your home. I get asked all the time about pet-friendly indoor options, and I wanted to have a definitive guide for you in one spot. Make sure you check it out before your next stop at the nursery!

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Okay, I found this gorgeous dark living room design that was to sultry not to make a shopping list for. The different inky paint, paired with the sophisticated herringbone flooring, is fairly intoxicating. Of course, the dramatic gallery accent wall mixed with a beautiful tricorn black paint is the moment – I want to lounge in my fancy PJs and drink a whiskey cocktail on the sofa. I created a mood board full of pieces you can use to recreate the space. Let’s dive in.

Framed Canvas Print

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First up, we have this framed canvas print to add to your living room accent wall. The gold frame is beautiful against a dark wall and the canvas print mixes seamlessly into a gallery wall. Check out my Chairish gallery wall for inspiration!

Hanging Light Fixture

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Next, we have this black hanging light fixture. This piece can add depth and intrigue to your dark living room design & enhance the ambiance of the entire space!

Faux Plant

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I adore bringing the outdoors in with lush greenery, yet there are moments when opting for faux plants becomes a practical choice, sparing the need for tending to yet another living being. This one is a gorgeous option!

Potted Faux Succulents

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Continuing on the theme of faux plants, check out this potted faux succulent arrangement. This is the perfect addition to your coffee table decor to add a little more greenery to the dark living room space.

Jet Black Sofa

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Next, we have this jet black sofa. As the largest furniture piece in the room, this sofa will serve as a striking statement piece, anchoring the space and drawing attention with its bold presence.

Brown Throw Blanket

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This brown throw blanket evokes a sense of warmth and earthiness that brings a natural aesthetic to a dark living room. The color harmonizes with the other earthy tones of the space and creates a cohesive & inviting environment.

Leather & Suede Throw Pillow

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Next, I found these beautiful leather & suede throw pillows to throw on your jet black sofa for comfort. These add a different texture to the space while still keeping the moody hues of the dark living room design.

Round Coffee Table

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I love this round coffee table! It’s a bold statement piece that serves as a striking focal point in the room, instantly capturing attention and anchoring the seating area with its unique design and presence. Check out some coffee table books for a finishing touch.

Floor Lamp

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Last, we have this stunning floor lamp. This modern lamp has a linen shade that diffuses the light softly and creates a warm, moody atmosphere to the space. Check out more floor lamp options here.

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What do you think about this dark living room design? I can’t wait to continue designing our cabin space with these moody vibes. Check out more mood boards on my blog here. Hope you all have a beautiful rest of your week! xoxo

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