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Repaired Windows

It’s been an exciting and busy couple of weeks. As you might remember (but if you don’t catch up here), we wrapped up remediation at the cabin and almost immediately ran headfirst into reglazing the twenty-eight – yes, twenty-eight windows of nontraditional shapes and sizes. I can’t even believe how slow it was the past two months, and then boom-pow, we now have all new windows that are sealed, crystal clear, and stunning. I was blown away by how much more light flooded our little river escape. I am just over the moon.


Here’s the tea: our cabin windows were the original panes from 1980, and let’s say they have been through it. Essentially, they were leaking and were fogged entirely or, as the pros say – failed. Still, we found a fantastic craftsman who could carefully reglaze each window pane, remove the old glass, replace it, and rebuild a new double pane with the interior frame and seals.

IMG 1974

Why all the trouble, and not just go with a new vinyl window? The look, of course! I had to keep the beautiful frames and carpentry work from the original build. Thankfully, they were in decent condition so we could restore them. These windows were too charming not to try, and I am glad we did. Look at the visibility in the bathroom window with the old failed glass versus now. Can you believe it? Imagine this view with the artist’s studio restored and the rose garden in full bloom.

This time I really do promise to stop talking about windows, but I want to pause and hear it for the casement window stay brass detail we restored. Here’s a casement window stay dupe online that looks almost exactly the same as ours and it comes in a ton of finishes. I couldn’t even open the window thoroughly before, and when we did, the rail pole attached to the frame was broken and dangled like a broken limb. Plus the latch that closed the window up tight was rusted shut. Everyone told me to replace the window stays. But, I was smitten with the antique look, patina, and feel. So we repaired them in just a quick hour or two, and now we have a good mix of old and soon-to-be new that makes my designs sing. It’s the details, guys. Trust me.

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Ok I really promise this time. I swear, but look at how bad the water damage was for this epic polygon window. We have two in the home. One in the upstairs loft bedroom and on next to the front door. I am over the moon that we were able to keep it, and I was shocked to learn that the glass was simply a square and the polygon shape was created with some artful paneling work. How cool is that? It was a lot of hard work to make it work. But I am so pleased I can rest knowing it’s done and dusted. I na good way.

Now that it’s officially Spring, it’s time to bring back one of my favorite cocktail recipes – the Aperol Spritz! Yes, I still love an Aperol Spritz and I never think they will go out of trend. As the warm weather rolls in, I’m transported back to our time in Italy back in 2020, where we first discovered this timeless Italian cocktail. For me, nothing quite captures the essence of those cherished memories like a refreshing drink crafted with Prosecco, Aperol, zesty oranges, and a splash of mineral water. Check out the super easy recipe here!

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I found this desert style living room from New Darlings and I could not resist creating a mood board for ya’ll. There’s a seamless blend of warmth and simplicity that creates such a cozy oasis with just a touch of southwestern charm. Plus, the earthy tones bring in the rugged beauty of a desert landscape that I’m obsessed with. The different furniture finds and home accents all work cohesively for the perfect desert style living room – let’s jump in!

Framed Cactus Wall Art

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First up, we have this framed cactus wall art piece to kick off the desert style living room. This piece adds character and personality to you space, making it feel more curated and unique and the perfect focal point. Check out more of my favorite art pieces here!

Globe Floor Lamp

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This globe floor lamp is a beautiful light fixture to add to your space. The luxurious gold finish of this lamp perfectly complements the earthy tones and natural textures in this desert style living room, giving it that overall warm vibe.

Modern Accent Chair

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Next, we have this neutral modern accent chair. Its clean lines and understated color help anchor the space without overwhelming the existing decor. Plus, its such a comfortable side chair!

Mustard Throw Pillow

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This mustard throw pillow is the perfect color find for a desert style living room. The rich, earthy tones of mustard add warmth and depth to the room, complementing the desert-inspired color palette. Check out more throw pillows here!

Handwoven Area Rug

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Next, we have this handwoven area rug. The geometric design of the rug brings a contemporary flair to the desert-inspired decor, infusing the space with a touch of modernity and that southwestern style. Its eye-catching pattern draws the eye and serves as a focal point that anchors the entire room.

Joute Pouf Ottoman

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This joute pouf ottoman is the perfect accent piece for the space. It adds a layer of texture without being too overbearing with it’s color. The perfect natural accent!

Coffee Table Book

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I absolutely love this coffee table book for a desert style living room. Its minimalist design complements the desert-inspired aesthetic, enhancing the overall ambiance with refined simplicity and an understated elegance. Here are some tips on how to style your coffee table books.

Round Coffee Table

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Every coffee table book needs a coffee table! The natural wood finish on this one adds an organic and earthy element to the space, perfectly complementing the desert style living room vibes.

Faux Fiddle Leaf Fig

Screenshot 2024 03 19 At 6.16.40 Pm Edited

Last, we have this faux fiddle leaf fig tree to add some greenery to your desert style living room! The warm earth tones have dominated the space, so adding some greenery provides a natural balance and contrast. Want the real deal? Here are some large indoor plant favorites!

Screenshot 2024 03 19 At 6.19.35 Pm Edited
Living Room Design by New Darlings

What do you think about this desert style living room by New Darlings? I cannot wait to continue down my Pinterest rabbit hole and share more design space with you! Check out more mood boards on my blog here. Hope you all have a beautiful rest of your week! xoxo

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