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Small Kitchen Table Dimensions

Are you in need of finding the perfect small kitchen table dimensions by shape? When I started building and installing my custom banquette, I needed to know what the ideal measurements were for my table so that I didn’t accidentally build my bench seating to high to low. Most of us just work with the table(s) we have when placing them in a space, but if you have the ability, I think it’s best to know what these measurements should be. I always feel better breaking the rules when I know them first!

Don’t get distracted by the design of a table at first, but rather consider the measurements you need for your space, and please my all means, don’t build a bench or get a table and chairs without knowing what size they should be first. Have you ever sat at a table or in a chair that is the wrong height? It’s the worst.

Small Kitchen Table Dimensions My Guide to Dining With Limited Space
Photo via Breeze Giannasio

With seemingly standard sizing for nearly everything these days, you might be thinking there’s a simple answer. The reality is things vary , but let’s break down the ideal sizes for the optimal function of tables be shape. Let’s start with…

The Four Main Table Types by Small Kitchen Table Dimensions

Square small kitchen table dimensions

Small Kitchen Table Dimensions square table

Square tables are visually similar to the common rectangular tables found in most homes, but there’s more to consider than meets the eye (although that’s where we’ll start!) This reclaimed square table above is a total knockout.

Since square dining tables are—well—square, they don’t work well in long, narrow rooms. Even with the perfect placement, you’ll still sense a lack of symmetry in the area.

You also might not have enough space to squeeze past the table if you place it in this type of room. That’s why it’s usually best to try and match your dining table shapes to the shape of your dining area. If the room is more square, grab a square table!

The best places to put your square small dining table would be either in the center of the room or off in a corner. The square shape means these tables can fit comfortably in small spaces—much like a coffee table—but placement is still important. Just be sure not to overcrowd the room.

When it comes to sizing, you’ll need to start thinking about the number of people that will be sitting at your table. The ideal small kitchen table dimensions will offer plenty of space for your dinnerware, a centerpiece (like these faux flowers), and enough elbow room for each guest.

The ideal square table size is as follows:

To SeatYour Table Should Be
Up to four people36”-40” on each side
Up to six people48”-60” on each side
Up to eight people60”-84” on each side

Rectangular small kitchen table dimensions

rectangle Small Kitchen Table Dimensions
Design via Amber Interiors

Rectangular dining tables are the most common type of dinner table, and for good reason! These rectangular tables work great in narrow dining rooms, offer plenty of room for diners (which is excellent for large gatherings), and can usually seat a good amount of guests.

The rectangular shape may not be the ideal choice if you’d like a dining table that seems unique. Fortunately, you can still stand out from the crowd by purchasing a custom-made table if you wish. 

If your dining table still feels like it’s lacking character, I recommend incorporating wall art into the area! I often interchange decorative items from the dining room to the kitchen (and vice versa), so don’t be afraid to switch things up every once in a while for a fresh aesthetic.

Here are the my recommended small kitchen table dimensions for rectangular tables.

To SeatYour Table Should Be
Up to four people48” in length, 36”-40” in width
Up to six people60” in length, 36”-40” in width
Up to eight people78” in length, 36”-40” in width

Round small kitchen table dimensions

Small Kitchen Table Dimensions round table

Although much less common than their angular counterparts, circular tables can be excellent additions to your dining area. Since they don’t have sharp edges pointing out into the room, these tables can be perfect for small spaces and great for kids.

Visually, you can’t go wrong with a round table. The circular shape perfectly encompasses whatever items or foods you’ve placed in the center of the table. Just imagine how great desserts or favorite seamless wine glasses will look when centered on one of these tables. I just love how intimate a round table feels.

The lack of corners gives your marble and brass round table a “cozy” feeling and makes you vintage salt and pepper inspired mills easy to reach. However, you will be a bit closer to your guests than you would in a more square option. Just keep this in-mind and style your table like a pro.

Personally, I adore round tables if you’re planning on hosting an intimate gathering or planing a pleasant evening at home with your family. My recommended small kitchen table dimensions for circular dining tables cab be found below:

To SeatYour Table Should Be
Up to four people36”-40” in diameter
Up to six people40”-60” in diameter
Up to eight peopleApprox. 72” in diameter

Oval small kitchen table dimensions

Oval tables

Don’t want to be forced to choose between having beautifully curved edges and having additional space for guests? If so, then worry no more: oval tables like this one above are also a great option.

Unlike circular tables, oval dining tables can actually be used in longer, narrow rooms without looking out of place. They can also be placed in smaller dining rooms with room to spare. This means you can enjoy an aesthetic you love without needing to sacrifice table space.

I think the circular shape of (most) white plates displays nicely atop the curves of an oval table, making the rounded edges really pop. Of course, you can also adorn the room with a few accent pieces for the finishing touch!

Find the perfect table size for your home from the list of recommended oval small kitchen table dimensions below.

To SeatYour Table Should Be
Up to four people48” in length, 36”-44” in width
Up to six people60” in length, 36”-44” in width
Up to eight people96” in length, 36”-44” in width

Don’t Forget to Consider Your Table Height

Small rectangle table room

We’ve gone over the standard measurements for various types of tables, but so far, we’ve only covered the size of the tabletop. The space underneath is also an important consideration!

There is a standard height that should provide most guests with enough room to sit comfortably, but you also have two alternative options to consider: counter height and bar height tables. 

Whether or not you actually need the extra space underneath depends entirely on the types of chairs you’ll be using and the intended purpose of your dining table. For most, a standard height table will do, but let’s explore them now.

The Standard Height of a Kitchen Table

Small Kitchen Table height
Design via @jeancharlestomas 

Like other small kitchen table dimensions, there isn’t a “true” single standard size. However, most kitchen tables measured between 28 to 32 inches tall. This height gives diners enough space underneath for their knees, without being too high for a comfortable dining experience.

Counter Height Tables

As the name implies, counter height tables are designed to be approximately the same height as your countertop. Generally speaking, this means they’ll measure between 34 to 36 inches tall. If you don’t have a formal dining room, counter height tables are perfect for your eat-in kitchen!

Bar Height Tables

Small Kitchen Table Dimensions counter height
Design vai @matthieusalvaing 

You’ll need bar stools to sit at these tables; they’re simply too tall for standard chairs! However, bar height tables are great at providing a laid-back dining (or drinking) experience. Alternatively, they can also be excellent for guests standing around at an in-home celebration.

Bar stools generally stand between 28” and 33” tall. As such, most bar height tables will be 40” to 42” tall, offering adequate leg space underneath.

What’s the Purpose of a Dining Table?

No, I haven’t lost my train of thought: finding the ideal measurements for dining room tables is directly related to their intended purpose! 

Of course, the main purpose of a dining room table is to provide a place for people to eat in comfort, but you need to be more specific. Who will be eating there? Is this a table primarily for family and friends, a designated table for large gatherings, or a multipurpose area?

Some tables are great for enjoying an evening meal for your partner, but fail miserably when it comes to hosting a party. On the other hand, a large table might work great for when guests come over, but do you really need seating for thirteen in a household of four?

You’ll want to keep these thoughts in mind as we look at different types of tables!

Have You Memorized All of the Small Kitchen Table Dimensions?

Table inspiration

Probably not, but that’s ok: I wouldn’t expect you to! After all, there are a lot of important factors to consider, especially when you’re about to invest in a new table that will likely sit in your home for a decade or more.

What’s a great option for one household might not work in the next, and then there’s also the overall aesthetic to consider. That said (unless you don’t ever plan on having guests), I would always suggest having at least one extra seat available!

I would suggest first taking the key measurements of your room to determine how much space you have to work with. Don’t forget to account for the available space around the table itself, as you don’t want to have to squeeze by the table every time you go to eat!

Once you have the measurements, you will be able to see which table shapes will work best for your room (and your future dinner plans). From here, you can finally get to the fun part: table shopping!

I hope you’ve found this guide to small kitchen table dimensions useful. At the very least, you’ve learned that there’s no such thing as a “standard table.” 

Let me know which kitchen table size and style you ended up choosing in the comments below. I always love to hear what you guys are doing with your homes.

Thanks for reading!

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