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Arched bookcase with walnut wood shelving

Get an Arched Bookcase

Arched bookcases are one of the my favorite and most asked-about design details in my home, m and it’s for good reason because they look amazing in most spaces be it a living room, office, or even the bedroom. They allow you to displace your favorite books and thrift store finds in style. The best thing about a bookcase with an arched top is that it looks equally stunning in a small interior space as it does in a large one. They just work – like always. There I said it.

Arhced bookcase

Have a small bedroom? Don’t worry. You can still have an arch bookcase and even make it the focal point of the room. Want to embellish your large living room? Get an arched built-in bookcase and see the magic it creates in an instant. By the end of this, you will fall in love with them too! I promise. Let’s carry on.

Why should you consider getting an arch bookcase for your home?

Another reason why bookcases with an arched top are a fantastic addition to your home is that they hold lots of stuff. They act as an incredible storage surface. In addition, the soft shape of the arch and deliciously delicate detail enhances the overall aesthetic. In homes that lack architectural detail that are an affordable and effective way to level things up. Plus, they can add to the resale value of your home. What’s not to love?

Here are some top reasons why I believe that arched bookcases are the next big thing in the interior design space:

An arched bookcase room with a sink and a mirror

They spruce up your home’s design

Are you still struggling to make your interiors more attractive or want to smartly hide issues as I did with a problem soffit that wrapped the perimeter of my room? Never fear, because an arch bookcase can be the perfect solution. It will add a flair and tons of designer-worthy cache because they look that cool. By adding some interesting decor accents like scented candles, ceramic vases, and indoor plants, you can make it the star of your space. Trust me, your guests will fall in love with them as I did.

Keep your books and accents safe

This will sound super obvious but, opting for an ached bookcase with doors (or not) does wonders for your aesthetics, but it will also keep your precious home accents and favorite coffee table books safe. If you opt for arched bookcases with doors be sure to choose the right paint and technique for painting it.

They look great

Books can be one of our most prized possessions, after all, books are essential to good interior design. Here’s the thing, you will appreciate the practical solution arched bookshelves offer while displaying your books in an artful way. Trust me – books in an arched bookcase will always look great. Installing an arched bookcase will protect your books from lots of wear and tear over the years You can even go for glass doors or wooden doors too.

arched bookcase close up

Perfect for small spaces

Planning the interiors for smaller spaces isn’t easy. I know. With little space, it is super easy to get confused. This is where an arched built-in bookcase comes into the picture. Here’s the thing. Since bookcases are neatly tucked into (or on) your wall, it allows for the ability to keep things tidy while display decor. Here are my favorite styling tips for a shelf. Don’t miss this read.

arched bookcase with a chair thrift

They are budget-friendly

Another great thing about an arch bookcase is that they are economical too. So, if you enjoy some woodwork and enjoy being creative, you can build an arched bookcase at a very budget-friendly rate. Go for it, because I know you can do it. Wondering how? Here’s how to build a floating shelf that I did over one weekend in my bathroom. Trust me, the feeling of building something yourself is unmatched. You can proudly display your creation in your living room, guest room, or bedroom.

arched bookcase with walnut wood

Top 10 commonly asked questions about an arched bookcase

1. What is an arched bookcase used for?

An arched bookcase is a simple piece of furniture with an arched top and horizontal cabinets. Some arched bookcases also have wooden or glass doors depending on the type of material you go for. It is just like your usual bookcase where you can proudly display your book collection and enhance the aesthetics of your home.

2. What is the difference between a bookshelf and a bookcase?

In the simplest terms, an arched bookcase is a piece of furniture with close ends or cabinets meant for storing books and other decorative pieces. In addition, they make great places to store and protect valuable items.

Typically, bookcases are designed to stand on the floor. However, if you want to go for a more stylish option, you can also get an arched built-in bookcase for your home. It is one of my personal favorite home decor pieces!

On the other hand, a bookshelf is a simple storage unit with no encased ends. They are usually designed to be installed on a wall.

3. What is the difference between an arched bookcase and an étagère?

A kitchen with a sink and a window
Photo via Amber Interiors

Some people often get confused between bookcase and étagère. However, the difference is quite simple. An arched bookcase is a close-sided piece of furniture that is designed to store books and other interior decor objects. It often comes with doors and can either be built-in or designed to stand on the floor.

On the other hand, a étagère is a type of simple furniture that has open levels and is meant to keep small decorative items like pots, interior plants, and more. It is built to stand on the floor.

4. Is it cheaper to build or buy bookshelves?

Whether you are thinking of getting a bookcase or a bookshelf for your home, it is always cheaper to build a bookshelf yourself than to purchase one. Hiring a carpenter to build your bookshelf will also cost you more than doing it yourself.

5. What should be the appropriate depth of a bookcase?

When it comes to determining the depth of your arched bookcase, a lot will depend on your requirements. Different people and carpenters will suggest you different things according to their knowledge and expertise.

Don’t be confused with the ideal measurements, go with 10 to 12 inches of depth for a regular-sized arched bookcase. In case you are choosing a small bookcase, a depth of 6 to 7 inches will be ideal.

6. How do you make a full bookcase look good?

The best way to make your bookcase look good is by embellishing it with the right home decor accessories. You can place a plant inside it, and display your favorite paintings, family photo frames, and more, to get the space you have always dreamt of.

You can also get creative with the way you display your books. Set them according to the color of their spines or use any other styling method that you like. Let your creativity fly!

7. Why do bookcases lean forward?

One of the most common reasons why bookcases lean forward is because over time, the ground compacts, leaving the walls and floors uneven. This causes the bookcases to lean forward or be wobbly on their feet.

8. How do you stabilize a bookcase?

A common reason why bookcases become wobbly is that people often tend to put heavier things on top.

An excellent way of stabilizing your arched bookcase or arched bookshelves is by maintaining a balanced weight throughout. Ensure to not keep all the heavier items on the top. Instead, try to concentrate the weight on the lower shelves.

9. Do built-in bookcases add value to a home?

Yes, if done right, built-in bookcases can be an incredibly worthy investment, because an arched built-in bookcase can increase the resale value of your home. Just make sure to use top-notch construction material, place the bookcase in a central location, and use adjustable shelving to give it more flexibility.

10. How big should a bookcase with an arched top be?

Ideally, an arched bookcase with four shelves should at least be around 54 inches in height. The width and depth of a four-shelved wide bookcase should be around 45 inches and 14 inches respectively. In case you are getting it customized, you can tweak the measurements according to your wishes.

Final thoughts

a monochrome black and white arched bookcase

So there you have it – the top reasons why having an arched bookcase is a must. I hope you liked this post and if you do decide to buy or even build a bookcase with an arched top for yourself, do let me know! I’d love to hear what your experience is like and whether you enjoyed building and styling your new bookcase or not.

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