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May 25 1

Long Weekend Living

Who is excited about the three-day weekend here in the States? I know I am, and guess what? We decided to take it easy at home because we have been buying the candle at both ends with the cabin, day jobs, and life around the house. We had already hit the grocery store to cook up my favorite BBQ tri-tip recipe and this insanely amazing limited-time-only Tillamook Orange and Cream ice cream. Remember those Tutone ice cream bars for hot lunch as a kid in the 90’s? Don’t you dare calculate my age? Yep, this tastes just like it. Loving the nostalgia here.

Tillamook Orand And Cream

With the extra day off, we will head to one of our favorite San Francisco hiking spots with a view, so please feel free to tune in later today (if you subscribe and get this on Saturday). We’re packing a day hike lunch and planning to enjoy the weather without distractions. I hope you get to as well!

SanFrancisco Scaled E1671118061964 Edited

We are still pouring and agonizing over hardwood-engineered floor options. I really, and I do mean want to install reclaimed wood, but it is just so expensive. Here are some of the current options looking to come in under $7 per square foot for a total of about 1,200 to cover. Send help! I’ll be waiting by my phone, with the after-mentioned ice cream, waiting for divine intervention from y’all. One thing I do know, is I refuse to have a shine on the floor! So that’s good.

Floor Samples Edited Scaled

Also, on the list for this weekend. Have you jumped on the orchid trend yet? I absolutely love all my indoor plants. Orchids are literally breathtaking. But They can be super tricky to take care of. so over the past year or so, I have been researching and practicing taking care of dozens of them, documenting what works and what doesn’t. I created a care guide with everything you need to know about caring for these flowers after they bloom. Check it out below.

Niklas Ohlrogge NR4ONKHblvo Unsplash Edited 2048x2048 1

Lastly, I love this cozy boho living room design and can’t wait to talk about it. The design beautifully merges indoor and outdoor vibes, creating a perfect oasis of calm and beauty to relax in. There’s just something about the wood coffee table mixed with the plants and cozy cushions that works so well! Let’s jump in to the mood board.

Wicker Pendant Light

Screenshot 2024 05 22 At 3.54.59 Pm Edited

First, I found this wicker pendant light. The woven design of this light creates a warm and inviting glow for the cozy boho living room vibe. This texture also works cohesively with the other elements in this space!

Round Wall Mirror

Screenshot 2024 05 22 At 3.57.41 Pm Edited

This round wall mirror will serve as a striking focal point, drawing the eye and adding depth to the decor in a cozy boho living room. Its unique shape naturally attracts attention and anchors the room’s design – check out more round mirrors here.

Decorative Books

Screenshot 2024 05 22 At 4.00.13 Pm Edited

These decorative books will make the perfect vintage touch to your book shelf. The colors match the warm and boho elements to the room. Check out more shelf decor here!

Indoor Plant

Screenshot 2024 05 22 At 4.02.13 Pm Edited

Next, I found this indoor plant to add greenery to the space. It comes in the perfect boho basket to compliment your living room. Make sure to check out these tips befor sprucing up your space with plants.

Chaise Sofa

Screenshot 2024 05 22 At 4.08.11 Pm

The main focal point of this cozy boho living room is the chaise sofa. It’s neutral color and wood base blend together to enhance the overall aesthetic, complementing both modern and traditional decor styles.

Throw Pillow Combo

Screenshot 2024 05 22 At 4.10.26 Pm Edited

Every sofa needs the perfect throw pillow combo. This combo takes away the stress of having to mix and match pillows on your own. A beautiful touch for your cozy boho living room!

Faux Fur Blanket

Screenshot 2024 05 22 At 4.12.30 Pm Edited

Next, I found this faux fur blanket for added texture. The soft, plush texture of faux fur adds a touch of luxury to the space. It enhances the tactile appeal, making the room feel more inviting.

Wicker Tray

Screenshot 2024 05 22 At 4.14.14 Pm Edited

This wicker tray is the perfect coffee table decor addition to throw your candles and knick knacks in. The natural hue of the tray gives a rustic look that matches the vibe of the cozy boho living room.

Wood Coffee Table

Screenshot 2024 05 22 At 4.17.35 Pm

Last, we have this wood coffee table! Wooden furniture has a timeless quality that never goes out of style. A wood coffee table can adapt to changing decor trends while remaining a classic piece in the room.

Screenshot 2024 05 22 At 4.23.02 Pm Edited

What do you think about this cozy boho living room? Make sure to check out the rest of my blog posts here. I cannot wait to continue down my Pinterest rabbit hole and share more design space

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