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Window - Curtain

Backyard Magic

Has anyone else been celebrating the Fourth of July by eating everything you can get your hands on? We made my tri-tip and hotdog recipes to celebrate. Let’s just say we may still be eating the leftovers. What can I say? I always want more than enough food when hosting. Running out of nosh is literally my worst nightmare.

indoor - Birds

Luckily, we didn’t as we sat around my fire bowl sipping Aperol spritzes. This affordable backyard space is the perfect vibe for hosting an evening in the backyard. Just throw in a bird bath with a solar fountain, sting lights, and you have a magical moment. The sound of babbling water is the best!

Window - Curtain

Speaking of magical moments. Are you a wine lover like me?! One of the benefits of living in San Francisco is being so close to wine country. Especially with our frequent cabin trips – we’ve found ourselves drinking some fun wine. I love a good Pinot Noir with dinner, and I found my favorite wineries near the Russian River Valley. Please take a look and consider making a trip out to check them out.

Spencer Demera BSqThYwTje0 Unsplash Edited 2045x2048 1

Now let’s talk about interior design – specifically about this Jazz Revival living room design I found on (my) Pinterest. The walls are painted in a deep, dramatic color which gives the space a luxurious and cozy backdrop. The combination of dark tones, velvet textures, and the brass accents creates such a sophisticated living room look. Let’s jump into the mood board!

Framed Wall Canvas

First, we have this large framed wall canvas with a beautiful landscape. This piece adds depth and visual interest to the wall which contributes to the overall cozy and luxurious atmosphere you’re aiming for. It’s also the perfect piece for a gallery wall!

Brass Floor Lamp

Screenshot 2024 07 01 At 12.17.41 Pm Edited

This brass floor lamp has a sleek and minimalist design that brings the touch of sophistication this moody living room needs. Plus, it can add some moody lighting to the space. Check out more floor lamps here.

Gold Candlestick

45549592AA 070 B15 Edited

Next, I found these gold candlesticks to add to your coffee table decor for more mood lighting. It brings a classic charm with its elegant shape and antique brass finish that fits perfectly in this moody living room design.

Unique Black Vase

Screenshot 2024 07 01 At 12.21.34 Pm

This unique black vase has a matte black finish that complements the dark wall color and other decor elements like brass accents or velvet textures. It’s a great piece for any shelf decorating!

Navy Blue Sofa

Screenshot 2024 07 01 At 12.23.43 Pm Edited

This navy blue sofa is the perfect furniture piece for a moody living room design. Its deep navy blue upholstery complements dark colors in the space and creates a cohesive and luxurious feel.

Velvet Throw Pillow

Screenshot 2024 07 01 At 12.26.40 Pm Edited

Next, I found this velvet throw pillow to add more texture into the moody living room. It’s a stylish and comfortable accent piece. Who doesn’t love a good throw pillow?

Round Coffee Table

Screenshot 2024 07 01 At 12.28.47 Pm Edited

This round coffee table gives off the ultimate moody vibes. It’s perfect for displaying different decor items and coffee table books.

Metal Table Lamp

Screenshot 2024 07 01 At 12.30.44 Pm Edited

Next, I found this small metal table lamp. It has a contemporary aesthetic that complements the moody living room vibes and adds yet another spot for moody lighting. Just another brass accent that I’m obsessed with.

Blue Area Rug

Screenshot 2024 07 01 At 12.33.21 Pm Edited

Last, I found this blue area rug to tie the moody living room together. This rug serves as a stylish foundation, bringing warmth and comfort to the space while tying together the overall moody aesthetic with its modern design.

Screenshot 2024 07 01 At 12.43.40 Pm Edited

What do you think about this moody living room design? I cannot wait to continue down my Pinterest rabbit hole and share more design space with you! Check out more of my mood boards on my blog here. Hope you all have a beautiful rest of your week! xoxo

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