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A Baroque Banquette

Hello loves! It’s officially spooky season and it’s hard not to be excited about it! This year has completely flown by, but I’m ready for the autumn home accents and the seasonal candles. I’ve seen so many people apple picking this weekend and it has me dreaming of a bunch of apple trees in my backyard. Think of all yummy Fall desserts I could make with those apples and eat in our moody dining room! And the vibes would be impeccable – especially with the hanging lanterns I have been searching for.

I continued my thrift store treasure hunt over the weekend and found another beautiful vintage copper piece for the cabin. Don’t forget to check out my Insta stories to stay up to date with all my finds. I have so many thrifting tricks up my sleeve – I’m so excited for the cabin to be filled with a million antique treasures! Now that we’re in October, I need to start thinking about my Halloween costume. But more importantly, I need to start thinking about Drummer’s costume. Anyone have any cute dog costume ideas?! Let me know!

Okay, let’s get to chatting about this stunning breakfast banquette that I found from Devol Kitchens. I was searching for moody dining rooms and this popped up and I GASPED! The dark painted walls, the beautiful throw pillows, the lighting, the wall art…it’s all perfection. I’m obsessed with how the dark moody colors are paired with stunning florals. I created this mood board with some of my favorite finds – let’s jump in!

Bronze One-Light Pendant

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 At 3.31.21 PM Edited

First up, we have this beautiful bronze one-light pendant. This is an absolute must for your moody dining room design because it has a sleek and minimal design, but still has the bronzed look that sets the moody tone. I promise you- pendant lights are a must!

Oil Painting Wall Art

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 At 3.31.32 PM Edited

This room does a beautiful job of incorporating wall art. I found this stunning oil painting wall art that I think really fits the darkly luxurious aura of the space. The green and black colors of the oil painting contrasted by the gold frame is just perfection.

Framed Portrait Wall Art

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 At 3.31.49 PM Edited

Next, we have another stunning framed portrait wall art. Imagine these two pieces together in a gallery wall while you’re eating brunch with a moody playlist on in the background.

Faux Hydrangea Arrangement

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 At 3.32.03 PM Edited

Check out this faux hydrangea arrangement. These faux flowers really capture the essence of a freshly picked blossom and adds a slight touch of natural elegance to any room. It’s a soft, bright accent that contrasts the moody dining room design!

Teal Dining Table

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 At 3.32.16 PM Edited

Every moody dining room needs a table- right? This teal dining table is such a beauty. It’s crafted from a mix of solid and engineered wood and has a chic and rustic vibe. It’s the perfect table for adding a pop of color and personality to your space.

Wood Bar Stool

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 At 3.32.46 PM Edited

This wood bar stool is the perfect addition for a dining room bench setting. It’s rugged charm and earthy texture seamlessly blends in with the cozy, atmospheric vibes of the room. Check out more rustic bar stools here!

Gold Candelabra

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 At 3.33.01 PM Edited

Okay, I’m obsessed with this gold candelabra! It its elegant and the perfect small touch to add to your dining table. Light the candles for a moody ambiance during your next delicious meal.

Pull Chain Wall Sconce

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 At 3.33.14 PM

Next, we have this gorgeous pull chain wall sconce. This light source effortlessly adds vintage charm with a little modern edge to the moody dining room space and perfectly completes the vibey lighting of the room!

Fringe Throw Pillow

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 At 3.33.29 PM Edited

This throw pillow with its fringe-edge detailing and deep, rich colors is a versatile gem that lets you choose the perfect hue to enhance your moody vibes. Whether you go for dark burgundy, blue, or lush forest green, it adds a touch of luxury and coziness that ties your moody decor together effortlessly.

Floral Throw Pillow

Screen Shot 2023 10 02 At 3.33.39 PM Edited

Last, we have this floral throw pillow to add to your bench. It’s got that royal touch that just fits like a glove in this dark, luxurious dining space. With its intricate design and lush colors, it’s like the missing piece of the puzzle that ties everything together, making your room feel like a regal retreat.

Real Shaker Kitchen Devol Nordroom15 Edited
Dining Room Design by Devol Kitchens

What do you think about this moody dining room design? If you missed out on last week’s spooky season splendor – check it out here! You can always find more mood boards on my blog. Hope you all have a beautiful rest of your week! xoxo

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