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Let’s Eat a Day in LA

Guys, I am so glad to be home sweet home. I spent the week in downtown Los Angeles, soaking in the sun and enjoying the city’s pulse, working. I did get a chance to sneak away for some of the city’s culinary wonders, devouring the best Smash Burger ever and a giant hunk of Key Lime Pie from Fat & Flour at Grand Central Market.

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If you haven’t been – you must. The market It’s filled with local food stalls of all kinds. I could have eaten here every single day and never repeated a meal.

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I also had a chance to check out some amazing restaurants. I started with Yangban, a hip Korean American restaurant with a Japanese flare. I had their Acorn Beignet with caramelized onion, gruyere, Benton’s ham, and Wings served with cucumber and Korean radish pickles, kimchi hot sauce, and black rice. I was stuffed and oh so satisfied.

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As if that wasn’t enough, the surprise hit of the week was a casual Taiwanese restaurant in the South Park neighborhood of downtown Los Angeles called Pine & Crane. Again, amazing Korean food. I went with low expectations, but it was the best meal of the week. I clobbered these Dan Dan noodles – a lot like ramen noodles with a creamy peanut sauce and a bit of spice. It was divine.

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But the real stars of the meal were these Chucky yet delicate beef rolls. The wrap was sturdy and flakey – never oily, and the beef with veg burst to life in your mouth. I am still dreaming about it as I write this. If you are in DTLA, you must try this spot. If you are ever in LA please bookmark these spots for a great meal with easy access if you are staying downtown.

Of course, I ducked into every interior, thrift, and antique store I could – even finding this fantastic lamp for the cabin for $75 bucks used. I can’t wait to roll it into the design. Speaking of the cabin. We are all set with the bathroom materials. We are just waiting for the tile, and we can get our contractor in with me to start the demo. I have been talking about it for ages, but I think we are close (like for real) this time!

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One thing I love about my home in San Francisco is our backyard greenhouse. Don’t get me wrong, having the occasional faux plant now and then is great for adding greenery to a space, but it’s not the same as the real thing. Growing conditions for plants can absolutely be tough, especially in places like San Francisco. Fortunately, picking up a greenhouse is one of the easiest ways to maintain optimal growing conditions all year long. Check out my guide on how to find the best greenhouse or glasshouse for plants here!

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I found this gorgeous moody living room design and I couldn’t help but make another mood board for you. The traditional elements mixed with the moody wall color and dark home accents creates the perfect reading nook in a living room day dream. Plus this room has the perfect shelf styling that reminded me of my fave home accents. Let’s jump in to the pieces that I found!

Double Wall Sconce

The first piece that I found is this gorgeous double wall sconce. The brass coloring and the delicate flower design match perfectly with the mood living room vibe. Check out more gold sconces here.

Moody Framed Print

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Every moody living room needs some art – this moody framed print is perfect to add on your walls or on shelves for a minimalist accent with high contrast. This is a great piece to add to a DIY gallery wall!

Floor Lamp

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Next, we have this gold floor lamp for additional cozy lighting in your moody living room. This lamp gives off a traditional vibe that creates a warm and inviting glow without overpowering the existing design elements.

Dried Florals

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These dried florals introduce organic textures that add depth and warmth to the room, complementing the moody living room with a touch of nature. I love adding dried florals and branches to a space – trust me you won’t regret these.

Black Ceramic Vase

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Your dried florals need a vessel and this black ceramic vase is perfect. The dark shade fits the moody living room vibe and gives the room an elegant touch. Here are more fun vase options!

Accent Chair

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Next, I found this accent chair that is great for curling up with a good book and glass of wine. The design is sleek and modern with a neutral color that contrasts beautifully with the darker tones, adding depth and visual interest without overpowering the moody ambiance.

Traditional Area Rug

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This traditional area rug has a classic designs that lends an air of timeless elegance to the moody living room, complementing a sophisticated and dark decor style. This is the perfect rug if your space is ready for a refresh!

Glass Side Table

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This glass side table contributes to a light and airy feel in the moody living room, preventing the space from feeling too heavy or dark. Check out these tips for how to decorate your coffee table.

Navy Throw Pillow

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Last, this navy throw pillow is a cozy touch to add to your accent chair. The color exudes a sense of sophistication and elegance, complementing the moody living room ambiance and elevating the overall aesthetic.

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What do you think about this moody living room? I cannot wait to continue down my Pinterest rabbit hole and share more design space with you! Check out more mood boards on my blog here. Hope you all have a beautiful rest of your week! xoxo

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