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Well, we had a huge leak at the cabin. I know you saw the busted pipe last week, and we thought we were good, but sadly that wasn’t the case. The next morning we woke up to a ton of water in the house under our floorboards and down into the crawl space under the house. I know! The floorboards squished up water when we walked on them.

So, we are in the process of remediating and on mold patrol. Keep an eye out, for updates on Instagram soon. It’s such a bummer, but we knew there were going to be moments like this – renovating an older home is not for the faint at heart. That’s for sure. See below for a still from our Ring camera of the remediation team in action. Having cameras inside to keep an eye on things while in San Francisco has been a nice way to know things are going smoothly.

IMG 0706

The good news, it’s forcing us to secure any areas of concern. That includes checking for mold around windows and tearing up a few things just to be sure. I would rather know and be safe. Also, can you imagine if this pipe burst AFTER we installed new floors and cabinets slash countertops? I would so much rather have this happen now. Thank goodness!

On a brighter notes, while the house dries out, we were busy in the garden planting tons of lavender. You might now know it but lavender is an amazing and beautiful plant that grows well in my climate with the added benefit of being a mosquito repellent – which will be great when it’s summer for those long nights on the deck in a rocking chair.

I’m looking forward to growing, cutting, drying, and hanging that fragrant goodness from the cabin’s wooden beams. Check out my lavender-growing adventures and snag some care tips for your backyard lavender haven.

Image 12 Edited 1

Check out this mudroom entryway design that I found from Julie Ciampa’s insanely stunning home. It’s like a moody farmhouse dream – the two-tone wood bench sets the tone with its rustic charm, and that accent pillow and art pieces? Gorgeous. This entryway is a design playground. The pieces and styling is so versatile and can be transformed with the seasons or interior design style changes. I’m also in love with the display pedestal. Let’s jump into the pieces that I found:

Gold Framed Landscape Art

Screenshot 2024 01 24 At 12.11.48 Pm 1 Edited

First up, we have this gold frame landscape art piece. It’s like bringing a piece of nature right inside your home, and the gold frame? Stunning. This is the perfect wall art to mix and match in your entryway.

Faux Wildflowers

Screenshot 2024 01 24 At 12.25.57 Pm Edited

I am in love with this faux wildflower bundle. The soft color palette and playful textures create a timeless, welcoming aesthetic, and continues the “bringing nature indoors” feel to your entryway design. Looking for a faux plant instead? I gotchu.

Whitewashed Pots

Screenshot 2024 01 24 At 12.28.05 Pm Edited

Next, we have this whitewashed pot for your plants and florals. The rich, uneven texture and matte glaze give it this vibe of enduring character, adding a whole new dimension to your plant game. This is the perfect shelf stying piece!

Glass Table Vase

Screenshot 2024 01 24 At 12.30.31 Pm Edited

Another beautiful shelf decor piece is this glass table vase. The shape and color are immaculate and gives the entryway design a little touch of visual intrigue. Check out more vases here!

Solid Wood Bench

Screenshot 2024 01 24 At 12.32.44 Pm Edited

Next, we have this solid wood bench. The two-toned coloring gives off a homely feel and the fusion of rustic elements with a modern twist gives it this vibe that’s both cozy and contemporary.

Striped Throw Pillow

Screenshot 2024 01 24 At 12.35.19 Pm Edited

This striped throw pillow is the epitome of minimalist charm and farmhouse vibes. The subtle pattern adds just the right amount of character and works really together with the other accent pieces. More of my favorite throw pillows here!

Auburn Area Rug

Screenshot 2024 01 24 At 12.36.59 Pm Edited

Next, I found this auburn area rug that is to die for. The accent colors, while adding a touch of flair, are carefully balanced, ensuring they don’t overpower the entryway design. You’ll need this area rug cleaning guide!

Handwoven Storage Baskets

Screenshot 2024 01 24 At 12.40.47 Pm Edited

These handwoven storage baskets are perfect for an entryway design. Beyond being durable and functional, their unique and chunky weave adds a touch of artisanal charm. These baskets are not just storage; they’re a style statement.

White Display Pedestal

Screenshot 2024 01 24 At 12.43.42 Pm Edited

Last, we have this white display pedestal. If you’re wanting to add a touch of sophistication to your entryway design, this is the perfect piece for you. Placed in a corner, it becomes a focal point, seamlessly marrying modern flair with classic elegance.

Screenshot 2024 01 24 At 12.52.50 Pm Edited
Entryway Design by Julie Ciampa

What do you think about this kitchen interior design space? I cannot wait to continue down my Pinterest rabbit hole and share more design space with you! Check out more mood boards on my blog here. Hope you all have a beautiful rest of your week! xoxo

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