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Rose Garden Cabin

Cabin Tradition With A Twist

Loves, it has been two weeks since we were able to hit up the cabin, but boy, we are excited as we race up. I just hit publish on this post, so by the time you read this, I will be there dancing around the rose garden and seeing if we have apple blossoms on the ancient apple tree that wraps around our front door. I mean, it gets me every single time.

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As you might know, we reglazed our windows, and I need to add a new antique brass latch to the window above the kitchen sink so that it closes all the way. I’ll install this casement window lock, so head to my Instagram stories for a look. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it as long as it takes – upgrading your home’s hardware is a game changer for a designer look on the fly and a budget! Okie, let’s hurry up and read this post so you can check out the upgrade.

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Even more exciting, the walls of the living room are up with fresh sheetrock after the water leak. Do we have a home again? Well, not entirely, given that the kitchen and toilet are both gone—and we still need to apply a skim coat—but it’s a start. A very good start. Progress is divine!

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You might be wondering what that brown stuff is. We added Rockwool insulation. It’s perfect for wet climates – remember, the cabin has more than one hundred inches of rain per year. This stone blend of insulation is highly moisture and mold-resistant. After our little mold incident, I wanted something that would set my nerves at ease. Plus, it’s fire retardant and helps soundproof, but not much more than that standard pink stuff. What’s not to love? Also, it was fun and easy to install.

Cabin Windows Sheetrock

I am so thrilled that we can heat and cool our cabin with the wood-burning fireplace more efficiently and keep the water out! I can’t wait to keep you updated as we make fast track to the bathroom remodel next. The time is soon!

Cabin Renovation

Okay, let’s talk kitchen essentials for a moment. Whether you’re whipping up a cozy breakfast or preparing a dish for a special occasion, Bisquick is a must-have staple in any pantry. I found some of my favorite breakfast casserole recipes made with Bisquick to share with you. I’ve had so many of these and absolutely love them – check them out here!

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I found this classic home office design by Jen Stoffer Design and was immediately drawn to the mixture of traditional and moody vibes. As an interior design lover, I can appreciate that blending the classic elements of these furniture pieces with a dark and moody paint color creates an atmosphere to spark curiosity – perfect for your home office space. Throw in some beautiful office desk decorations and you’re set! Let’s jump in to some of the pieces I found.

Tall Trees Framed Art

Screenshot 2024 04 04 At 3.04.44 Pm Edited

First up, we have this tall trees framed art piece. This framed art is the perfect moody vibe for your classic home office design. Check out more framed art favorites here.

Gold Wall Sconce

Screenshot 2024 04 04 At 3.05.43 Pm

Next, we have this gold wall sconce. The warm glow emitted by the gold sconce creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for setting the mood while you’re working. Check out more sconces here!

Faux Green Leaf Tree

Screenshot 2024 04 04 At 3.05.54 Pm Edited

I love adding greenery to a classic home office design. This faux green leaf tree has realistic bark and an abundance of eco-friendly green leaves – which means you don’t have to stress about keeping it alive. If you’re looking for a real tree, check out the Ficus Audrey!

Glass Table Vase

Screenshot 2024 04 04 At 3.06.07 Pm Edited

I love this glass table vase for any branches or florals you want to add to your office space. It’s a simple and classic home accent piece that works in any design style.

Solid Wood Desk

Screenshot 2024 04 04 At 3.07.57 Pm Edited

This solid wood desk is such a vibe! It’s traditional, classic, and makes me want to buy a quill and ink and write on parchment paper. Check out more traditional writing desks here!

Office Desk Chair

Screenshot 2024 04 04 At 3.09.56 Pm Edited

Next, we have this office desk chair. The leather material exudes a timeless sophistication that fits seamlessly into the rest of the decor pieces in this classic home office design.

Stone Area Rug

Screenshot 2024 04 04 At 3.10.16 Pm Edited

This stone area rug is the perfect rug for your office. The texture of this stone-colored rug adds depth and visual interest to the room, especially in the moody setting where layers of texture are key to creating the cozy atmosphere. Check out rug tips and tricks here.

Orb Table Lamp

Screenshot 2024 04 04 At 3.10.31 Pm Edited

Last but not least, we have this orb table lamp. This lamp is modern and sophisticated and is the perfect classic touch to your desk decor – I am absolutely in love with it!

Screenshot 2024 04 04 At 3.25.31 Pm Edited

What do you think about this classic home office design by Jen Stoffer Design? Stay tuned for more fun design mood boards. For now, check out my blog here. Hope you all have a beautiful rest of your week! xoxo

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