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Deck the Hallway

Greetings, beautifuls! Thanksgiving has come and gone, leaving us in the delightful whirlwind of December. Time flies, doesn’t it? As we bid farewell to the turkey-filled moments, I find solace in the warmth of festive scents and the twinkle of holiday lights. Bring on the holiday cheer. Also – happy Black Friday! Have you seen these beautiful pieces that are on sale?! Truly some of my favorite pieces and you can get them for such good prices right now.

Black Friday

Life at our cozy cottage has been a mix of chill vibes and DIY adventures. We’ve been getting creative, carving out new nooks that feel just right and adding our thrifted treasures. Recently, we had a blast wine tasting at Fort Ross Rd Winery in Cazadero. Each sip was like a mini-vacay through the vineyards – pure bliss. Like, look at this place- it’s stunning! I highly recommend visiting if you’re ever in the Sonoma area – it’s definitely one of our favorites.

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I can’t believe the holiday season is already knocking on our door. There’s just something about the twinkling lights and festive vibes that makes my heart skip a beat- you could say I’m obsessed. I’ve already started my Christmas movie marathon and, I must say, Home Alone really is the best Christmas movie out there. It’s on my must-watch list for sure – cozy vibes guaranteed. What’s your go-to holiday movie?

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Oh, and speaking of cozy vibes, have you started planning your holiday decor? I’ve been checking out some practical yet super chic ideas. You know, the kind that brings holiday cheer without turning your space into a tinsel tornado. If you’re on the hunt for some fresh inspo, give these ideas a peek while you’re in full-on decorating mode. Here’s to a season filled with warmth, laughter, and maybe a little sprinkle of decor magic!

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Speaking of holiday decor- go check out my Amazon storefront for some of my absolute favorite pieces. I found the perfect garlands, ornaments, and holiday home accents all at such an affordable price! Also, this candle is to die for. It truly smells like you are in a Christmas-winter wonderland.

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Alright, let’s jump into some design finds that I’ve been loving. Obviously, you can see I’m obsessed with holiday decor – so naturally, I went down a Pinterest rabbit hole. I found this GORGEOUS holiday entryway design from Boxwood Ave. I knew I needed to make a mood board for it and I found the perfect pieces for you to recreate this festive foyer in your home. Let’s take a look!

Semi Flush Mount Light

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First up, we have this semi-flush mount light. Imagine this cool matte black semi-flush mount light, giving your holiday entryway design a cozy vibe with its open base design. It’s not just a light; it’s like a stylish welcome hug for your home.

Rectangle Wall Mirror

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Next, we have this rectangle wall mirror. Imagine walking into your home and being greeted by the chic allure of a gold-gilded framed wall mirror. It’s not just a mirror; it’s the perfect centerpiece, making a bold statement and adding a touch of elegance to your space! Check out more entryway must-haves here.

Faux Pinecone Wreath

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I am in love with this faux pinecone wreath! It’s the ideal adornment for your wall mirror. Simple, not too flashy, but undeniably beautiful, it transforms your mirror into a subtle festive delight, capturing the essence of the season with ease. Here are some more beautiful holiday pieces for your entryway!

Wood Blanket Ladder

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Next, we have this wood blanket ladder. This piece is not just a cozy storage solution but also a chic, holiday-ready decorative touch for the winter season. Whether it’s holding your favorite throws or simply standing tall as a stylish accent, this ladder effortlessly brings that warm and festive vibe for your entryway holiday design.

Vintage Area Rug


Okay, check out this stunning vintage area rug. I’ts a minimal color masterpiece that effortlessly ties into any design choice you throw its way. Whether your space is bold and vibrant or soft and neutral, this rug refresh is the chameleon of decor, adding that touch of timeless charm without missing a beat.

Drop Leaf Table

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Check out this drop leaf table! Imagine stepping into your home, and there it is – the vintage drop-leaf table, setting the tone with its open leaves and timeless charm. It’s not just a table; it’s that missing piece you need for the vintage home decor vibe you’ve been eyeing.

Glass Jar Vase

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Next, we have this glass jar vase that is the perfect piece to add to your drop leaf table. You can add branches or florals to it and move it around your home into any space. Check out some more vases here!

Faux Cedar Branch

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If you’re going for the holiday entryway design look, you need these faux cedar branches to add into your glass jar vase! The pinecones add a perfect touch to the winter vibe and they are so realistic! Branches always.

Golden Pinecones

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Okay, I’m obsessed with these golden pinecones. These are the ultimate minimal winter home accent that effortlessly enhances the holiday entryway design vibe in your space. These gilded wonders aren’t just pinecones; they’re your key to adding a touch of chic festivity to your home.

Rattan Seat Chair

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Last, we have this rattan seat chair! It’s not just a chair; it’s that perfect piece of furniture that brings both warmth and style to your winter sanctuary. Check out more stunning chairs here!

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What do you think about this holiday entryway design? I cannot wait to continue down my Pinterest rabbit hole for this festive season! Check out more mood boards on my blog here. Hope you all have a beautiful rest of your week! xoxo

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