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Hey, ya’ll! I hope your week has been as great and festive as mine. The Christmas decor is up, casting a warm and festive glow throughout the house. It’s amazing how twinkling lights and a touch of tinsel can transform a space. But that’s not all—I’ve been spreading the holiday cheer beyond my home and into the cabin, adding some cozy and charming decorations to evoke that festive feeling in the woods. And here’s the exciting part—I’ve stumbled upon some seriously trendy, budget-friendly, and sustainable holiday decor that I couldn’t wait to share. If you’re on the lookout for ways to make your home merry and bright without breaking the bank or harming the planet, I’ve got you covered.

Screenshot 2023 12 06 At 2.58.48 Pm Edited

Our weekends lately? All about Fort Ross Vineyard & Winery vibes. We became members of the winery, and they threw this cool event – mushroom foraging! Picture us traipsing through the vines, basket in hand. Then, the winery’s kitchen whipped up the most divine sausage mushroom orzo from the mushrooms we found. Paired it with their famous Pinot Noir, and boom, perfection. Should I try to make a mushroom recipe and share it with ya’ll?!

So, guess what’s become my latest obsession? Pressing flowers! I snagged this flower press recently, totally inspired by @flowerpressstudio, and my first attempt blew me away. If you’re on the lookout for a fresh hobby to kick off the new year, I highly recommend diving into the world of flower pressing. Trust me; it’s a therapeutic journey that lets you capture the beauty of blooms in a whole new way. Check out this flower press and get ready to unleash your inner floral artist.

Screenshot 2023 12 06 At 3.27.42 Pm Edited

Okay, let’s talk dreamy home office vibes! Recently stumbled upon this gem of a design by Hamilton Gray Studio, and I’m head over heels. The lead grey paint they’ve used sets the tone – moody, sophisticated, and downright cozy. It’s like they bottled up the perfect blend of ambiance. The vintage-style furniture? Absolute game-changer. I’m envisioning days spent in that space, typing away on a classic typewriter, surrounded by the timeless charm of vintage pieces. Let’s jump into this moody interior design mood board!

Oval Wall Mirror

Screenshot 2023 12 06 At 1.55.12 Pm Edited

First up, I found this stunning oval wall mirror. It’s the perfect touch for this moody interior design—simple, elegant, and totally vibing with the sophisticated atmosphere. It’s like the missing piece that ties the whole moody setup together.

Snake Table Lamp

Screenshot 2023 12 06 At 1.55.38 Pm Edited

Next up, we have this snake table lamp with an antique finish for your office desk decor. This one is bringing a major mood to the office setup. The serpentine charm adds a touch of intrigue, and that antique vibe? I’m obsessed.

Man on Horse Art

Screenshot 2023 12 06 At 1.56.04 Pm Edited

This framed Man on Horse art piece will turn your office into a vintage dream. The moody interior design vibe it brings is like stepping into a classic film, and yet, there’s this timeless charm that makes it feel so right now. It would also make the perfect addition to a gallery wall.

Upholstered Leather Chair

Screenshot 2023 12 06 At 1.56.28 Pm Edited

Next, we have this upholstered leather chair. The frame, that sling-style seating, all wrapped up in top-grain leather – it’s like stepping back in time with a touch of modern comfort. This chair is more than just seating; it’s a statement piece that adds character to your office.

Dark Lead Grey Paint

Screenshot 2023 12 06 At 1.57.56 Pm Edited

Okay, I’m obsessed with this dark lead grey paint – it’s a moody interior design game-changer for the room. The ambiance it creates is next-level—sophisticated, a little mysterious, and all-around cozy. Need a paint sprayer? Check this out!

Pothos Plant

Screenshot 2023 12 06 At 1.58.08 Pm Edited

Check out this stunning pothos plant – the greenery is a total game-changer. It’s like bringing a slice of nature indoors. Not only does it elevate the room’s vibe, but there’s something about those lush leaves that boosts focus and productivity. Check out more of my favorite plants here.

Golden Oak Desk

Screenshot 2023 12 06 At 1.58.29 Pm Edited 1

Every office needs a desk, and I found the perfect golden oak desk. The antique look gives the space a touch of old-world charm, and the spaciousness is a dream come true. Plus, can we talk about the perfect desk height? It’s like they custom-made it for comfort.

Cement Pot Planter

Screenshot 2023 12 06 At 1.58.41 Pm

Next, we have this cement pot planter with an antique look, and it’s a total plant game-changer. It has a weathered vibe and accented by embossed filigree. I love the look of this for a different pot for my hard to kill plants!

Cointreau Area Rug

Screenshot 2023 12 06 At 1.58.55 Pm Edited

Last, we have this cointreau area rug. Featuring a delightful mix of sun-kissed hues, this rug exudes a stunning vintage charm with its warm and inviting colors. Make sure you learn how to clean your area rugs!

Office Design by Hamilton Gray Studio

How do you feel about this moody office interior design space? I’m eager to dive deeper into my Pinterest exploration and share more captivating design spaces with you! Explore additional mood boards on my blog here. Wishing you all a fantastic remainder of the week. xoxo

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