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A Holiday Mood

Hey, ya’ll! Does anyone have the Post-thanksgiving blues? Getting back into the work groove after that cozy weekend of cream cheese pecan pie for breakfast, and iced coffee with cold foam feels like a marathon. But hey, every day inches us closer to the holidays. Speaking of which, we were able to get our Christmas tree over the weekend, and setting her up has been such a blast. Here’s a link for y’all to my favorite affordable holiday decor and wrapping to get ya started. I can feel the post-Thanksgiving blues melting away into holiday cheer! Also, It’s Drummer’s first Christmas. Watching her sniff around the ornaments and get so excited as I light the tree and lights is pure joy. We got a real tree this year, but if you want a fabulous faux option check out this unlit Douglas Fir from King of Christmas. I am obsessed!

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Oh, and guess what? I treated myself to a little early Christmas present – a Breville Barista espresso machine. I was kinda over traditional drop coffee at the cottage, or is it Sabin? Anyway, It’s a total game-changer, and I love the real-deal barista vibes. It might have been a bit of a splurge, but the magic off feeling like I have a coffee house experience in my kitchen is everything!

Oh, and let me share this newfound love – ferns! Bringing the outdoors in has been a total mood lifter lately. I’ve been on a mission to learn all about the types of fern plants that can turn your home into a lush haven. After a deep dive into the fern world, I’ve compiled the most comprehensive list of ferns you should definitely consider for your home – both indoors and out. You bet I am planting all the ferns at the cottage. Trust me, the joy of watching these beauties unfurl is a therapy session in itself. So, if you’re thinking of adding a touch of nature to your space, ferns are a great way to go for their timeless look and big impact. There are a few things you are gonna want to know to take care of them properly though. Be sure to check out my guide.

Okay, onto this weeks look for less. Check out this jaw-dropping holiday-themed dining room design by Wildflower Home. They’ve sprinkled some serious magic in there, especially for the holidays. I’m swooning over the garland adorned with oranges – such a brilliant touch! What I love most is how seamlessly the decor blends with the existing home accents. It’s not just holiday dining room decor; it’s a masterclass in tasteful design. Let’s jump into some stunning pieces I found for you to recreate the look!

Metal Round Chandelier

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First up, we have this metal round chandelier. The bronze frame with brass accents gives it this sleek vibe, and they topped it off with a chic tapered white shade. Trust me, it’s not just lighting; it’s like a style upgrade for any room, making a statement in the coolest way possible.

Orange Holiday Garland

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Next, we have this orange holiday garland. It’s decked out with fresh eucalyptus, fir, and cedar, plus a genius touch of dried lemon and orange slices. If you’re looking for holiday dining room decor that is unique and stunning – this is it!

Sunset Framed Wall Art


I love this sunset framed wall art. The gold frame is already a win, but during the holidays, it’s pure magic, perfectly matching all that gold decor. It’s not just a piece; it’s a year-round vibe that gets an extra dose of glam during festive seasons!

Gold Taper Candlesticks

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A dining room table is the perfect set up for these gold taper candlesticks. Absolute game-changers for any table setup, especially during the holidays. Check out tips here on how to style your dining room table!

Round Wood Dining Table

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Next, we have this round wood dining table. This piece isn’t just furniture; it’s the heart of gatherings in your holiday dining room. Learn about different small kitchen table dimensions here!

Wreath With Ribbon

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I am in love with this holiday wreath with ribbon! It’s a natural-looking pine wreath with a charming ribbon that’s window-ready. It’s not just holiday dining room decor; it’s like bringing a touch of the outdoors inside, and the festive ribbon ties it all together.

Hickory Brown Throw Pillow

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Next, I found this hickory brown throw pillow that would be perfect for a corner bench or a dining room chair. Trust me, it’s the kind of detail that ties the whole room together, making every meal feel extra cozy and inviting!

Checkered Throw Pillow

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Okay, this checkered throw pillow pairs perfectly with the hickory brown throw! Two cozy throw pillow are better than one- and this pattern screams holiday dining room decor.

Delicate Wallpaper

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I am in love with this delicate wallpaper – it is just pure elegance. The silver lines form a chic basketweave on a bold black backdrop, making it a statement piece that adds both sophistication and drama. Here are some DIY wallpaper tips!

Dried Mixed Stem

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Check out this dried mixed stem! It’s the perfect branch to toss into a vase, instantly bringing that cozy, festive atmosphere to your space. With its earthy tones, it’s not just a stem; it’s like a snippet of winter magic that effortlessly enhances your holiday dining room decor.

Gold Table Vase

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Last, we have these beautiful gold table vases. They are perfect as a dining table center piece year round. Come the holidays, it transforms into the perfect holiday dining room decor, adding that touch of glam to the room that feels like a holiday gift all on its own.

Screenshot 2023 11 28 At 3.22.35 Pm Edited

Are you in love with this holiday dining room design like me? Brace yourselves for more design wonders as I continue holiday decorating and hours of Pinterest scrolling. Discover additional mood boards on my blog—just click here. Here’s to a fabulous rest of the week for each of you! Sending lots of love! xoxo

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